CITL Gives Students the Opportunity to Thank Professors


By: Caitlin Billman |

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, students all around campus are thinking about what they’re thankful for. For some students, they’re thankful for their professors.

Junior Kaitlyn Hagen is thankful for her ceramics professor, Drew Dodson. She says he’s always willing to help with any problem and gives the class creative freedom for their projects. She also said that he gives lots of demonstrations for their projects and tells jokes all the time in class.

Hagen would like Dodson to know, “Thank you for being a great professor and making my time in Ceramics class fun and memorable.”

Junior Alexis Epperly is thankful for Dr. Boyoung Park of the Education Department because she is experienced and knowledgable in her field.

Epperly said that Professor Park is “one of the most amazing people [she] knows,” and that Park is encouraging of every idea a student has.

She also believes Dr. Parks’ background in Korea helps her teach from different perspectives.

Epperly had this message for Dr. Park, “Thank you for believing in me and guiding me to strive for the far off dreams. If I had not taken your Honors HUMD 300 class during my first semester of freshman year, I believe my story would have been quite different. I believe I would still have this pile of dreams for the future of education that I hadn’t acted upon. Thank you, Dr. Park, for being the most supportive mentor, and I can’t wait to see what the next project has in store for us!”

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) is giving students the opportunity to thank their professors by filling out a Google Form

The student can write a message of gratitude to their favorite professor in the form, and the message is sent digitally.

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Photo Credit: (Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)