Choosing Schools: Why I Picked Radford

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People look for all sorts of particulars in a college when they are shopping for schools. Some people look for good weather, while others look for good food. Some are most interested in the “Greek” scene, and others only care about the classes. For most of us though, we look for a vast combination of these elements. So, what exactly brought all of us here to Radford? This little school located in the middle of nowhere, and completely overshadowed by Virginia Tech is not exactly what most people would consider a college dreamland. Sometimes, while I am sitting in my room alone on a weekend, having already exhausted all of the three things there are to do around here, eat food, drink coffee and watch a movie, I ask myself why I came here in the first place. There has to be some other appeal to this place, right?

While it does get pretty boring here, we cannot forget what brought us here initially. I think we can rule out the food to start off. Although Dalton puts on a good show for orientation day, we all quickly saw through that ruse and found that there is not all too much of a variety on campus, despite our first impressions. Aside from the edibles, though, there really is a multitude of positive reasons to attend Radford University. For me, class size was a plus. Here at Radford, you will never have to worry about attending a class that is packed with 600 people in one lecture hall, where the teacher will never care about you as an individual because you are just one of many. The biggest classes here have around 80 students, a very doable number for one professor considering that most classes have no more than 35 or 40. This way, you get more one on one time with your professors and can actually be recognized as a person rather than simply another paper that has to be graded. The teachers here really do get more involved with the classes, and most of them are happy to assist any student at any time who needs it. Next to class size, the next reason why Radford is a great college to attend is because of it’s facilities.

While the buildings that make up the school are fairly old, most of them have been updated to accommodate the new technology era. Young Hall, for example, has been completely revamped and is now filled with brand new computers, projectors, and classrooms. Moffett and Washington Halls were just renovated over the summer and now provide air conditioning, all new furniture, and facilities. Last but not least, the College of Business and Economics has gone completely modern, with an elegant appeal fit for the highest of learning establishments. I really could spend the better part of a day there just sitting down and feeling fancy. These are just the beginning though, and the school is quickly getting around to each building and finding new ways to expand.

Distance from home is a big deciding factor for a lot of people. Personally, being from Maryland, I liked that it was far enough away from home that I could do everything on my own, but close enough that I could go back in the case that something important comes up. I am an oddball though; most of Radford’s students are in-state. I would assume that many of them are on the same page as me, but of course, it is always nice to be close enough to home to make a quick trip there and back for a weekend to get away from school for a bit.

So, while it is easy to get wrapped around the negative aspects of Radford, like the food and lack of civilization surrounding the campus, let us not forget that we all came here for several reasons and are living out these reasons every single day. Make sure that you remind yourself of the positive things about Radford so you can enjoy being a student here while you can!

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