Celebrities can use fame to fund hope


Natalie Del Castillo


Today in our society, you can be famous for just about anything from making a scandalous home video with your ex to writing a song about what days come before and after Friday. It’s sad that so many people are making ridiculous amounts of money for no good reason. While there may be lots of phony celebrities out there, there is still some hope for the people in the entertainment business.

A fad for celebrities in the past few years has been to create their own lines of items. Celebrities have dabbled in creating clothing lines, fragrances, jewelry, shoes and much more. Although not all have been successful it’s good to know that some people are being useful with their fame and fortune, moreso than others. These celebrities are actually using their talents to make products related to their profession.

The latest hit in celebrity items are headphones. Hit recording artist Dr. Dre collaborated with Interscope Geffen A&M Record’s chairman Jimmy Iovine and manufacturer/distributor Monster Cable Products to create a set of headphones called Beats by Dre.

Since their creation in 2008, Beats by Dre has developed six over-ear headphones, six in-ear headphones, as well as an artist series of headphones. Their artist series has worked with people like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Each artist helped create their headphones so they could perfectly exemplify who the artist is. Dre claims that the strategy for marketing these headphones is simple; he wants the general public to hear music as he does.

Not all celebrities can turn out as successful as Dre has been in his line. Some people in the limelight like to believe that because they dress well, that means they can make beautiful clothing. Not always the case.

Nicole Richie is one of many celebrities who are famous for absolutely no reason. Since being adopted at a young age by singer Lionel Richie, she was sort of handed fame on a golden platter. What most people know her from is her reality show with yet another famous-by-association celebrity, Paris Hilton. Richie would fall into a long line of drug use, DUIs and rehabilitation centers. Aside from her issues with the law, Richie attempted to start a clothing line. While Winter Kate is still producing clothes, there is a large legal battle surrounding the fashion line.

In 2010, Richie’s manufacturer, Majestic Mills, laid a lawsuit on Kitson, the boutique that would put up Richie’s designs for sale. They accused the store of owing them $225,000 for merchandise they purchased in 2009. Kitson countersued Majestic Mills for merchandise that showed up late and is demanding $500,000 for Richie’s appearance at a launch party that the manufacturer failed to ever line up.

So just because Richie wasn’t present for the launch party, there is a ridiculous amount of money being fought over. Her failure to appear at the LA boutique has caused financial issues for both her clothing line and Kitson. While she is apparently unable to do side projects or anything useful with her time, it’s relieving to know that at least some of her money is going to good use. Richie and husband Joel Madden, from the band Good Charlotte, created “The Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation.”

Celebrities have the ability to do great things for the world. If each and every one of them put forth effort to use their fame and fortune for positive changes, as cheesy as it sounds, the world could be a better place. If someone can become a millionaire because of a silly video they posted on YouTube, then what is stopping them from helping those that are less fortunate.