Celebrating 40 Years: Students, Alum, and Faculty Express Their Memories

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The Tartan would love to hear of your experience with The Tartan whether you are working for the paper now, an alum of the newspaper, or even just a reader. Is there a behind the scenes story, a funny or scary moment, changes to the paper you like or dislike, or even a story you really enjoyed or hated. We want to hear everything!

What is Your Story

We will publish these stories in the December 5 edition and continue to publish them as new editions of the paper comes out next semester.

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We will be accepting stories until May 8, 2019.

Mike Ashley

Was on a staff, that in my two years, won 11 national awards (6 in sports) and paved the way for my career as a sports publicist and now freelance sportswriter. Thanks, Tartan. I owe you. Oh, and my now-wife was then the ad manager while I was [the] sports editor.


I graduated from RU in 2001 and was the ETC Section Editor from 98-99 and it was a blast working with everyone on staff! My favorite memory from that time was the entire staff going to NYC for a media conference and the great time we all had! Cheers to 40 years!

Carmen Mendoza Tintaya

Every Tuesday/Wednesday I would spend hours in the darkroom developing and printing photos for the Tartan. (This is before digital) I can’t tell you how many ruined shirts I had to throw away from spilling chemicals on them. 🙂 Thank you for the great memories. 🙂

Happy 40th my beloved Tartan. Thank you for preparing me for the job market. Spending my Wednesdays meeting deadlines are my most fond memories in College. Salud!

Mary Rider

 I spent hours each week in the dark room developing my film and printing pictures for the Tartan! Loved each minute from 1980-82.

Sheryl Simeck

Reporter – got to interview Ralph Nader! 1981-82’ish

Angela (tangelo65)

Loved my time writing for The Tartan ‘85-‘87!

Amanda (Dream Snap Photography)

Worked at the Tartan from 98-99 – ❤️loved it !!

Colleen Higgins

I was News Editor and Managing Editor for The Tartan in 1986-1988 and that was before desktop publishing! Cut and paste the news articles into position and typed all of my stories on an electric typewriter. Great times and the most amazing experience.

Julian Guerra

Hey Tartan! Congratulations on the 40th anniversary! Though I never worked for Tartan in an official sense, I basically lived my life in the Davis st. office as EIC for Whim, so I pretty much became a backup delivery guy. Lots of good memories working with Tartan, and even more good times arguing over print media vs online media. Here’s to 40 more years!


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Dylan Lepore

Dylan is a writer, gamer, avid movie lover, and PlayStation extraordinaire. Currently, he attends Radford University in pursuit of a BS in Media Studies with a concentration in Journalism. If I played the game, I like it; if I haven't played it, just remember that I'm in college. ($ = tuition)