Caution: RU students creating street signs


By: Ellie Hawthorne

This week, R-SPaCE housed yet another enjoyable and entertaining event. This time they focused on the street worthy participation of students who wanted to create street signs.

This event has been held  before and has been found to be a very interesting and fun experience; although waiting in line can be a big part of it. The purpose of this event was to create another fun activity that students could participate in while on Radford University’s campus. R-SPaCE does its best to deliver fun and interesting event and crafts such as this one in order to create a fun way to hang out with friends, a way to learn something new or even use it as a stress buster on a day where studying for exams needs a break thrown in.

This activity involved creating a theme, sign or slogan that you wanted to create on a street sign, with the appropriate road word of your choice. When I did my street sign I decided on GINGER, since I am a redhead and used the road sign RD, since it could be conceive as funny and a bit tongue in cheek. After writing out the phrase that you wanted on a little slip of paper you waited in line for either a little bit or a while depending on how far back you were in line. Once you came to the front desk however you would give your piece of paper to one of the guys running the program and they would enter it into the machine.

This machine would then spit out a sticker which would be attached to a blank street sign so that it could be pressed down and then handed to you so that you could then hang it on a wall, in your room. As a centerpiece or even as a work of art if you were so inclined. It is a fun experience and you even get a handy little souvenir for the day which not a lot of people can say that they have a street sign that they actually named after themselves.

This activity was very enjoyable and fun and was very interesting as well. I did have to wait for a while in order to get my sign, however I made lots of new friends while I was waiting. The monotony of standing in one spot was broken up by chatting with friends, meeting new people and even learning that I have interests and activities in common with those around me.

This activity was a good way to have fun and even bring people together in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Most people are always worried about being judged and don’t talk when they are by themselves, however by putting this activity on R-Space was able to bring people who might never have known each other together and may have even fostered one or two friendships to continue on even after the program ended.

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