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Convenience versus morality

Kaitlin Fields
If you haven’t noticed, the world is not exactly full of sunshine and rainbows at the moment. People claim the economy has at least begun to bounce back from the economic crisis. How long, however, will it be until the next economic crisis will burden us or other generations to come? What about the next oil spill or the next natural disaster that leads to nuclear meltdowns? Don’t even get me started on this whole, “government shutdown” issue over budget proposals that are absolutely ridiculous! It seems as though the world is run by greed. What one person wants has come before what others need far too often. Everyone wants the glory, the money, the responsibility, until something goes wrong and other people’s safety, financial security and even lives are in jeopardy. Then the never-ending merry-go-round that is the “blame game” has begun.

The world is as black or white as everyone thinks; there seems to be exceptionally various shades of grey everywhere.  There are no quick fixes to problems and no room in a demanding, fast-paced world that demands detailed solutions. Blame, however, is never a solution. Blaming is more like an acceptable form of public procrastination in finding a solution. Instead of finding someone to blame, wouldn’t you appreciate parties that choose to come forward and help fix the situation with efficiency. Blaming someone does nothing except paint a target for the public to mock and jeer at.

This “government shutdown,” for example, is a prime example of a five-year-old way of handling a situation. Team red and team blue color wars in Washington D.C. need to stop! Who cares what party gets credit or has the most power, why is the good of the people being presented as a second priority at best? If you have no idea what I’m referring to, brush up on your history and government studies, you will indubitably find that political agendas are the least of your worries when it comes to the next presidential election rolling its way around in the next few months.

Maybe if it seemed as though people in general cared more about looking out for one another then the burden of the blame would not be as heavy as it has been for the accused to carry. There is always obvious reason to protect and fight for the people you care about, but does that really mean that it is OK to completely disregard how the choices we make affect everyone else?  There has got to be a way for everyone to get at least a piece of what they want and need while looking out for one another.

Is there really no room for compromise anymore?  I will admit that I have had a blessed life, but that does not mean I did not struggle or work hard to earn what I have thus far, as I am sure we all have. We all have to grow up and realize we can’t always have what we want. Whether you’re four or 40, it’s a constant realization we all must be reminded of. What is important to focus on is getting what we need and giving what we can. Your karma could also turn around.

Around the world and sometimes on our own college campus, I see convenience put before morals. What happened to tolerance, respect, understanding and even common decency? I don’t understand what happened to working as hard as you can for people who rely on you. It floors me how often people expect to be rewarded for doing nothing. It equally amazes me that people penalize or punish them for their actions. In high school I played sports all three seasons, but the message from the coaches was always the same: “It’s ALL about the team.” Why can’t that apply to life and the world? Aren’t the people in our lives what it’s really about? I hope your answer’s yes. I hope you think about the people in your life that make it worth living in years to come if you have the power to make decisions that could affect hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. It sounds drastic, but at this point in time, I believe that several careless decisions lead to some of the greatest debates and problems today. While we all make decisions that merely effect tomorrow, we are all also on the cuff of decisions that carry heavily into our distant futures. Next time one of those heavy-hitting decisions is thrown your way, I hope you remember this and ask yourself if everything you want is really worth potentially sacrificing everything you care about?

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