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Being eco-friendly while on a college budget


Hannah Hale If you have ever tried to live an eco-friendly life, or have researched it, you know that it is not so soft on the budget. After learning this, many people discard the idea of a “green” lifestyle and carry on with their lives with no change. This is especially true for young […]

Family traditions students have for Christmas


Maggie Brown It is about that time again y’all, Christmas is right around the corner! Christmas is a holiday that is widely celebrated all around the world, and there are several different ways this special holiday is celebrated. Like putting up lights around the house, or putting up a Christmas tree in the living […]

Identity theft is real

Darcy Anderson On Aug. 10, I got a call from Radford University’s IT office telling me my school email had been hacked. They deactivated it and told me how to change my password. It was summer, and I had other things to focus on, so I put it off for two weeks. When I […]

Construction and Concentration


Darcy Anderson Anyone who has been on campus has heard them: drills, hammers, and the beeping of tractors backing up. They beep through class, block your usual route, and makes you think if all these distractions are worth a better campus. Whitt Hall is currently surrounded by a fence that blocks a common sidewalk […]

Stuck in Radford for Thanksgiving break?

Emily Sargent With Thanksgiving break quickly approaching, many students are looking forward to going home and seeing their family. However, not all students can return home for the break. There are various reasons for being unable to leave the Radford area. Such reasons include living in another state or having no convenient way to […]

A dancer’s perspective on being in the Nutcracker

Alexis Gardner This past weekend the Radford University Ballet Theatre put on an outstanding production of the classical ballet of The Nutcracker. I am more than proud to say that I was able to be part of this production. Growing up as a dancer, it is almost a rite of passage being in The […]

Avoiding the Radford plague

Hannah Curran This time of year is most commonly connected with the spread of every virus and sickness you can think of. The health center is super busy trying to help everyone either get better or avoid getting sick. Living in dorms and being in a nearby campus leads to the rapid spread of […]

Should more online classes be offered?

Maggie Brown Online classes can be a huge help to students, especially when you live off campus, and I believe that more online courses should be offered to Radford University’s students. However, I do not think the traditional classroom setting should be a thing of the past. I say this because, in my experience […]

Advice for handling roommate drama


Hannah Curran As the school year goes on, many people experience drama and hardships with their roommates. Things can become stressful with school which can lead to stress in other parts of your day causing problems with your roommate or making you more irritable. Sometimes, two people just cannot live together, and that’s okay […]

Help with time management


Darcy Anderson Over the past three and a half years at college, I have learned some helpful tips on how to manage your time. My first tip is to create a schedule, both daily and weekly. My daily schedule that I made at the beginning of the semester is shown above. This breaks down […]

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