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Female historical figures who many people may not know about


Lindsay Miller In comparison to male historical figures, the number of women that we learn about throughout school is upsettingly low. Though many men have obviously accomplished great things, there are also numerous women who have made large contributions to the betterment of our country and the empowerment of women. Since 1987, the month […]

My thoughts on Women’s History Month


Mekhiya Gregory Women are undeniable powerhouses. From mothers raising their children to business women running companies, women play significant roles in our society. Despite the many significant contributions women make to the world, we are still undervalued in most cultures. It’s because of the severe lack of respect for a strong woman that makes Women’s […]

It is 2017 and men and women are still not equal


Hannah Hale Women are not equal to men. Yes, we can vote. Yes, we can get an education. Yes, we can work. No, that does not mean we are equal to men. Also, to just clear this up as well, feminism does not mean women should be treated better than men. The Oxford Dictionary […]

Why I am against unpaid internships

In today’s world, internship experience is a must when it comes to securing a job immediately after college. Unfortunately, unless students can find a major internship in their hometown, which is unlikely for most students, internship opportunities come hand in hand with the financial burden. Students have to factor in the cost of living which […]

Why I chose my major


Maggie Brown College is an important part of your career. It is the basis and structure of the rest of your life. No matter what you do with your life, or what you want to do, getting an education is very important. I learned while growing up how important getting an education is. My […]

Is there too much pressure to get a job after graduating college?

Copy of Love is how you stay alive,even after you are gone. 2

Mekhiya Gregory Life after college. There are a lot of things students do after they graduate. Some work on expanding their education and others start working straight into their careers. Most college students feel making that adult step could be difficult, as well as finding what you want to do after your undergraduate college […]

Choosing a career because you love it vs. for the money

architecture inspiration 2

Hannah Curran I should start by saying I am an English major because that is the degree I need to become a teacher. That alone should tell you I am not in it for the money, so clearly, my opinion on this issue is going to be biased. I have known since first grade […]

How music can be therapeutic

College is a time for students to gain independence, knowledge and grow as a person away from their home and parents. While some people thrive in this new environment, others can start to feel extremely stressed due to classes, working to pay for their education, as well being alone for the first time in their […]

Being in a relationship while in college: The pros and cons

Mehkiya Gregory Being in a relationship can be a lot of fun and also a lot of work. Sometimes, high school lovers break up before going off to college for multiple reasons. One person may be going far away to school or someone may want to enter the college scene as a single person. […]

Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships

Hannah Hale Healthy relationships are wonderful and beneficial to have, but an unhealthy relationship can really take a toll on your spirit. Some of us have not had access to the best sexual education classes, so we did not get the basic rundown of what a good relationship requires. What is healthy and unhealthy? […]

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