“Careeranista” prepares college women graduating with a go-to guide


By: Francis Smith

With graduation coming closer for many women at Radford University, the question on many of those women’s brains now more than anything is “what will I do after I graduate?” For women, it is hard to strive and achieve their career goal with such a male dominated and competitive workforce. For some, it may seem intimidating and overwhelming, however, one woman has worked to empower women to embrace the workforce and overcome the challenges that women face everyday going for their dream job.

Chaz Pitts-Kyser, founder of Careeranista and author of “Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College” is aiming to show women that it isn’t as scary as many may think after you graduate.

Chaz Pitts-Kyser, a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, author, and company founder of Careeranista felt that women should have the available resources and tools to truly achieve their goals and desires in the working world. When asked why she started the company, Pitts-Kyser said, “I know that there are so many career-related issues that arise solely because of our gender. I founded the company and website so women would have a career resource just for them-that supports, celebrates, and educates them.”

With the idea of helping women and aiding them with resources to move further in their goals, Pitts-Kyser moved forward with the company and creating the website www.careeranista.com which showcases resources and tools for success. It also has information on her first book “Embracing the Real World: The Woman’s Guide to Life After College” which lays out the foundation for what to expect after graduation. Pitts-Kyser now follows with her second book, “Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College,” a successor to her first book.

With 32 chapters, the book details out resources, plans, and advice on how to best achieve where you need and want to be after college for young women. The book includes personal stories from author Pitts-Kyser herself about her experiences in the working world. This book is a great read in my opinion because it outlines every possible question I think I’ve had about the future after college and had no idea what to do or how to get the answer. The book is amazing because it addresses subjects and things in a woman’s career path that she may not even have thought about.

With chapters from myths about the real world after college, to quitting a job and everything in between, Pitts-Kyser really understands the problems and worries that women have about working and making a living while also being happy with their lives after college. Every woman who is graduating this year and from every year on, no matter what race or ethnicity or where you are in your life: I am highly encouraging to read this book. It covers so much that women in this day and age fear when preparing to go into the real world.

When asked what advice that Pitts-Kyser had for the upcoming graduating women of the world, she emphasized experience before trying for major jobs.

“Don’t look at your diploma like it’s a magic wand. Too many graduates expect for jobs to fall at their feet because they’ve earned a degree,” she said. “This means that regardless of how many internships you have, you need another one to put on your resume to show you have experience in your field (and yes you can land an internship somewhere even though graduation is less than two months away!)”.

Many women get scared and get overwhelmed by the job search and the future after they cross the stage and throw their hats into the air. As graduation gets closer, and your future gets closer, don’t let it overwhelm you. I suggest that you read Pitts-Kyser’s book, check out her website and relax. Don’t overwhelm yourself and take everything a day at a time. With time, hard work, networking, and patience, you’ll find yourself following the career path you’ve always wanted!