Career Services Center helps prepare RU students for post-college life


Every college student wants to land a great job after graduation, but the big question is, what is the recipe in college to land that dream job? One can’t simply spend all four years doing nothing but maintain good grades and expect to be employable right out of college.

Radford University students can use the Career Services Center as a vital resource. The Career Services Center specializes in ultimately helping RU’s students transition from college life to the working world or graduate school.

Located in both Walker Hall and the College of Business and Economics, students of every year can come in and speak with a career services advisor about how to map out a plan for getting the most out of their college years and help with making a smooth transition into the workforce.

The advisors are there to do a number of things for students including help with building a resume, getting internships, putting students in connection with RU  alumni and for seniors searching for opportunities  after graduation.

“Most students are intimidated by the fact that they actually have to start thinking about their future,” COBE Career Services Advisor Teresa Dickens said. “They can’t expect to get the job they want just because they simply went to college.”

With such a competitive workforce, it is imperative that students really start early in their college careers with preparing to join the workforce.

College is all about gaining experience, and according to career services, one of the most important things a student must do is get an internship.

Director of Career Services Ellen Taylor in Walker Hall says, “The earlier you come to us, the better.” This is because with internships and other experience enriching programs, students can make connections with potential employers.

There are many tools at RU for students to utilize such as the International Education Center and study abroad programs that can help hone skills.

Also, Hire-a-Highlander is a great tool on RU’s career services website for students to connect with alumni and look for job and internship ads.

When asked what advice she would give to a student who was intimidated by the idea of going into the working world after college, RU alumna Randi-Lyn Randall said, “The real world is just like being in a college environment only on a more specialized level. It is no different than being in a club or organization here at RU. You are always learning as you go, the important thing to remember is to continue trying and learn from every situation.”

Career services offers a number of resources for students including workshop classes on how to build a resume, as well as how to use LinkedIn where any college student can post their resume and connect with potential employers in the field of their choice.

Also, career services offers walk-ins on Mondays where instead of scheduling any appointment with an advisor, they can simply walk in and review their resumes with an advisor and ask questions.

Students can also find promotions for career services in the Bonnie on Wednesday evenings. For more information on the Career Services Center, students can visit their website and also follow them on Twitter @radfordcareer for upcoming events.