Car accident takes life from former Radford University student


Meghan McNeice

Former Radford University student and beloved sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, Katherine Warrington was killed in an automobile accident just after midnight Sunday morning. Warrington was in the car with David D’ augustine, Michael Lee Phillips and cousin Samuel Schindler.
Police believe speed was a factor in this accident. The group was on their way home, about a mile from Schindler’s home when the car hit a pole and tree then proceeded to hit another tree. 23 year-old Phillips was taken to the hospital and placed in critical condition, 22 year-olds D’ augustine, Schindler and Warrington were pronounced dead.
Warrington was a student in the deaf education program last academic year but left the program to move back home to Fredericksburg and follow a career in interpreting. Colleague senior Megan Maple had the pleasure of meeting Warrington through the deaf education program.
“Katie was always such a fun-loving, smart and free spirited individual. She was the first person I met in Deaf Education and she took me under her wing immediately. The two of us became fast friends bonding over ASL (American Sign Language) and our love of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. Katie and I became inseparable due to the nature of our program,” said Maple.
Warrington was also a proud member of AST sorority where she was the alumni liaison and put forth her artistic ability to help with recruitment. Alumni Kate Bellz was Warrington’s big sister, “Katie was the best little I could ask for, from the moment I saw her I knew she was mine. She had this big personality and this infectious laughter,” said Bellz.
Former roommate and best friend junior Taylor Harvill met Warrington while the two lived on the same floor of Moffett Hall. The two became inseparable and Harvill refers to Warrington as her ‘honorary big sister’.
“You could always count on Katie to brighten your day no matter what the situation might be,” said Harvill.
Warrington will be remembered for her larger than life attitude and commitment to sisterhood and friendship with students and friends of the Radford community. A funeral service will be held this weekend in Odenton, Md.
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