Candice Benjes-Small offers literacy and outreach to students


Brooke Embree

There is a new resource that McConnell library is offering. It is called the Information Literacy and Outreach.
It’s designed for students to come and learn how to do proper research for papers and projects. It is a new way of finding sources other than Google or other search engines that are available on the web. It enables students to dig deeper into information and discover facts.

Candice Benjes-Small is the coordinator of Information Literacy and Outreach. She is responsible for the library instruction, which includes the library workshops to help students with research.

“An ‘information literate’ person is able to find, read and evaluate information to make the best decisions. The library supports that goal by providing workshops that teach students how to develop research skills,” said Benjes-Small.
The library has held over 450 workshops and provides advisory meetings for students to become more aware of the information that is available to them.

Benjes-Small, a graduate from the University of Texas, encourages students to utilize this tool in order to be successful contributors, not only in school, but outside of campus as well.

For the outreach portion of Literacy and Outreach, Benjes-Small coordinates events to engage both students and faculty. People within the program have held receptions as well as managing a student library advisory board. They also are the creators of the bathroom newsletter the “Privy Papers.”