Campus Highlight: “R-SPaCE and Getting Involved”

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Van Faust-Stephenson |

This past week I was given the opportunity to talk to N’Taezha Davis, the President of the Radford Student Programming and Campus Events organization, otherwise known as R-SPaCE.

For those somehow uninformed from the mass amounts of events they host, R-SPaCE is one of the campuses student programming boards that aims to make Radford a, in Davis’ words, “home away from home” for students by hosting weekly movies, performances, big concert once a semester, and diversity events, an example being this month’s ongoing Black History Month events.

Radford students are encouraged to help with the selection of campus events, as, aside from a board of planning directors, the process is “totally student-based” with surveys on social media and RU Involved, and the biweekly general body meeting which students who are interested in on-campus events who are urged to attend.

As well, at some of the events, students are given interest cards which students are encouraged to fill out in order to help R-SPaCE determine upcoming events for students.

“Every student is a member of R-SPaCE,” Davis advises, and every student is invited to take their surveys, and attend general body meetings to determine what events will take place over the semester.

Furthermore, students can easily talk to R-SPaCE in their office on the second floor of the Bonnie. Also located in the Bonnie is the aforementioned general body meeting, held every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. in Bonnie’s combo rooms 249/250.

Major upcoming events hosted by R-SPaCE will be the Natural Hair Panel, which is one of the many Black History Month events on campus, Mission Improvable, an improv show by a touring group, a speech by Tameca Mallory, an activist and one of the founders of the Women’s March, and Radford’s Got Talent, the student talent show hosted towards the end of the semester.

While expected, the usual end-of-semester concert is yet to be announced; this could indeed be a way for students to influence who will be performing.

Students can also go to RU Involved and look at the events calendar for the rest of the semester, and go to the biweekly general body meetings, as they are trying their best to be “doing things that students want,” and improve the general mood of the campus.

As students of Radford University, we have a lot to thank R-SPaCE for doing their best to keep students involved in on-campus events and just trying to make the campus a better place in general.

I hope that with this interview it shows how valuable of a resource R-SPaCE is to this campus and how we can “help them help us” with all their work.

For those who would like to keep up with R-SPaCE and their events, please be sure to follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and by checking out the various promotional frames that are on campus.

Photo Credit (RSPaCE Facebook)