Campus Fun: 6 Great Low-Budget Activities

3 min read As students, our belts are always tight, but you can’t put a price on fun! Put your wallet away, here are some simple solutions to enjoying a penniless week at Radford.


By Morgan Hutcheson |

As students, our belts are always tight, but you can’t put a price on fun! Put your wallet away, here are some simple solutions to enjoying a penniless week at Radford.

RU Outdoors Climbing Wall

There are only so many times a week I can force myself to the gym. 30 minutes on the treadmill is a hamster wheel of suffering. The climbing wall on campus offers a happy alternative to exercise. This is an arm day revelation ladies and gents.

Climbing is a great way to take your mind off of things. It’s just you and the wall … and that guy holding tightly to your harness. Putting one foot in front of the other; it’s great for a positive mindset and releasing those well-deserved endorphins when you reach the top.

With climbing on campus being free, there is no pressure to enjoy it. If you get halfway up that wall and see twenty-something years flash by, no money is wasted if you decide to drop back down to the ground.

Gym Classes

Radford offers a whole range of free gym classes, from hard-hitting Body Pump to zen-like Yoga. Fun exercise seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but I promise a smile will be on that sweaty face of yours by the end of it. Zumba especially, sign yourself up for an hour of super-sexy dancing with moves that will translate into your next Saturday night.

Radford’s Four Quad’s

We had our scare with Hurricane Florence, but there are still many days of sunshine to enjoy. There is always this feeling with studying that you must chain yourself to a desk. Why not grab that 10-pound textbook and enjoy those 80 pages in the sun?

Saying that this article promised fun things to do on campus, I suggest grabbing a couple of friends and hanging out on the grass. Bring a speaker along and blare some obnoxious music while you are at it. If you’re feeling a little more solitary, enjoy that book you have meant to read or of course, bring along the newest issue of The Tartan. Wink-wink.

New River

Staying hopeful about this weather, The New River is my favorite place in Radford. I would even go as far to say that I am an advocate for The New River. But if you don’t fancy getting your toes wet – there is always the option of hanging (in a safe space) along the river bank.

However, what we all need to be doing is tubing.

Take your tube, and some people you don’t mind floating with for two hours, to the top of the river. Tie all your tubes together to make some sort of Krispy Kreme looking ship and let the river take you down-stream. I would recommend taking an extra floatation device for essential snacks and beverages.

If you end up in Christiansburg, you’ve gone too far.

Sports Games

It’s time to dawn your Radford colors. You’ve already blown the bank on all the merchandise at the bookstore, and maybe it is time to put that over-priced jumper to good use. You don’t have to understand every rule in soccer to enjoy a game. Get excited about supporting your college and the excuse to eat an over-sized pretzel.

The Bonnie

I don’t want to call our girl Bonnie “cheap,” but she is. If you have a flex meal plan, you can save 50 to 70 percent on all dining purchases.

The Hulbert Center (aka The Bonnie) is a host to a range of free activities, especially in the Game Room. From ping-pong to board games, the Bonnie can be enjoyed on those rainy weekends or a late weeknight that calls for some distressing.

If you are feeling like a big spender, and payday has come around, plus you want to go all out, rumor has it that bowling is only three dollars. Extravagant I know.

Also, if you are tired of all your buddies huddling around an 11-inch laptop screen for movie night, the Bonnie is here to help.

Radford offers free film screenings throughout the weekend, all you need to do is bring your Radford ID plus popcorn and/or a cute date.

Like I said above, there are so many activities you can find on campus and around the city. Treat yourself to some guilt-free fun throughout the week without having to blow all your money away.

Photo Credit: (Courtesy of Radford Admissions)