Campus becomes film set

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Doyle, as Agent Stan Elrich, reluctantly accepts his sudden mission.

Justin Wood

Between now and early January, Stan Elrich will be making Radford University campus a safer place. The campus will be threatened by surprise hostage situations, stalked by sunglasses-wearing thugs, and punctuated by the echoing cracks of roundhouse kicks connecting with face.

Don’t transfer just yet, it’s all part of amateur filmmaker, Sean Doyle’s, new movie “A Daring Intervention 2,” a short feature action movie and as you’ve probably guessed, a sequel.

“A Daring Intervention,” made  available to the public on YouTube (, was a short, punchy action movie shot entirely on RU campus, utilizing the barest of equipment, props, and crew to make an eleven minute thriller. The movie features FBI agent, Stan (Doyle himself), battling his former agency rival and current psychotic nemesis, Max (Chris Creane). The sequel sees agent Stan returning to foil a hostage plot and previews of the plot suggest a powerful criminal network is involved in raising the stakes.

Despite being a communications major with a concentration in production technology, director/writer/star Doyle’s “Intervention” movies aren’t class assignments, but passion projects he does alongside his course load. A fan of commercial martial arts films like “Kiss of the Dragon” and “Rumble in the Bronx,” his inspiration for getting into amateur film-making actually stems from looking behind the scenes.

“I first started liking [filmmaking] watching the making of various films,” said Doyle. “You know, I thought, ‘Hey this looks really awesome, maybe I’d like to do that.”

His fascination with effects and stunt work are apparent in his films, often attempting with limited resources to stage action sequences similar to his favorite movies.

“A Daring Intervention 2” is already rolling along with a complete script and most major parts cast. Doyle actual went straight from the interview to shoot some early ancillary scenes. However, there are still parts of the production that the director and crew are still on the hunt for, including actors for at least three prominent parts, assorted extras, and props for action sequences.

“We’re still looking for ropes, two chairs, either one or two irons,” said Doyle.

When the budget is practically zero, everything becomes potentially useful; in the first film much of the cast served double duty in various roles of the crew.

Like any action sequel, everything is bigger and more ambitious the second time around. Whereas the first film was shot entirely on RU campus, “Intervention 2” will spread out into the surrounding town. The film also includes a bigger cast and more complex action sequences, as well as an extended running time.

Shooting is planned to wrap sometime around the end of the year, with the release date coming soon after making the timetable, which, at this point, is as ambitious as the increased scale.

While most are sweating over midterms, work has only just begun for Sean Doyle and his crew. With shooting beginning within the next two weeks and November quickly approaching they’ll have to work fast to meet their year-end deadline. Keep an eye open on campus this semester, and you might just be able to catch them.