Businesses give Tyler Place apartments advantage

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Brittney Jeglum

Tyler Place Phase II next to Radford University’s 7-11 is one of the many apartment complexes near the Radford campus, but is it more than just another housing facility for students? Jeff Price of Price Williams Realty has set up a new type of apartment complex to benefit students and the community.

Chenaye Mullins, who works at Price Williams, spoke about the new buildings and the advantages the company hopes that they will bring in the near future. According to Mullins, Price sought to build a complex of higher standard. He wanted a place that stood out in quality above the others that was nicer with a bigger floor plan and focused on a condominium style.

Some advantages to the apartments are elevators and location near the RU campus, not to mention the multiple spaces that will be rented to businesses. The layout will also allow most individual renters to have their own bathrooms. In addition, the complex will have surveillance cameras to provide safety for all renters.

Although definite businesses are not set to rent out spaces yet, Price Williams expects companies to range from restaurants to convenient stores.

With talk about a coffee shop, Brewin’ Around,  making its way to the complex soon, it is hoped that even small starter businesses will be able to recognize the benefits of renting a commercial space. Mullins said that although it may be costly for these young businesses, the hopes are that they can see the advantages and money they will gain in the long run.

“I think the apartments are very nice apartments to live in, but I wouldn’t live there because of how loud it is going to be with tons of people coming and going constantly. I would more than likely shop or eat there, it’s a very convenient location for students that is within walking distance,” said Senior Elizabeth Heinz.

Price Williams has spoken to multiple businesses about renting out the spaces; it will just be up to them to move forward.
Students are hoping that they do just that. “The apartments are cool but seem kind of ‘over the top’ for Radford, said Kellie Schlosser. “I feel that the shops below will be convenient for the students living above, as well as the rest of the population of Radford, giving us more options of restaurants and shops. Of course I would go to eat and shop there.”

“I love the idea of having shops under an apartment,” said Brian Hokana, “It makes me really want to live there. It makes the whole area look really classy. I can only see benefits for living above a shop.”

Although the complex has taken place of older Radford housing, the area has become a healthier and safer place for renters to live compared to the older homes. The idea behind the layout of the complex is to relate to and benefit renters and students, said Mullins. It offers a place walking distance from the campus, and an area where people can hang out and spend their free time.

“I think they will be a great addition to Radford. They will give us more options for food and will let us shop without having to go all the way to Christiansburg. I would use them for sure,” said Charlie Morrison.

The apartments range from 2-5 rooms and will be available this May. Applications for renting are going on now.