Budget-Friendly Places to Go for Spring Break

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Savannah Roberson | sroberson8@radford.edu

When it comes to Spring break trips, we can probably all agree that almost no one would pass up a chance to go to Daytona or Cancun.

What we WOULD want to pass up though, is the enormous amount of money we would be paying for these trips.

With the substantial amount of regular college expenses we all end up having to pay regularly, it is sometimes hard to think about fitting in a big spring break trip and coming out on the other side financially stable for the rest of the semester.

“Last-minute spring break sales are an urban legend,” said Jeff Klee, CEO of airfare deals site CheapAir.com in a statement to CBSNews.com. “Prices will go up the closer we get to your holiday week. Don’t wind up spending your break in the dorms because you didn’t pull the trigger.”

With this advice in mind, it seems that spring break trips can be manageable with some planning beforehand.

What’s most important when thinking about where to go for spring break is being smart about your destination, transportation, and the activities you will do when you get there.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that you do not need to take an extensive trip to have fun over break. Sometimes, there are places right under your nose that you did not even know could be such great break destinations. Staying local can help you financially in the long-term—plus it is always great to get to know the area better!

Only a few miles down the road from Radford University, Claytor Lake is an excellent option for a day trip. While this is not necessarily an overnight trip unless you are planning on camping, it is a beautiful place for anyone interested in swimming, hiking, picnicking, sports fishing, boating, or just enjoying a day or two outside off campus.

There are also some other local places around Radford that are good day trips—if you are looking for low commitment and low expense—for instance, MacAfee’s Knob, Cascade Falls, or Dragon’s Tooth.

If you are looking for a bit of a bigger trip but still want to keep your expenses low, there are some more possible options.

One place, within range of a college student’s budget, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. With affordable hotel rates or even cabin lodging, Gatlinburg boasts various activities to keep you interested while you are there and remains an exciting and fun trip that stays affordable and even relatively close by.

CabinsUSAGatlinburg.com references the different activities spring breakers can find in Gatlinburg, like exploring downtown, having outdoor adventures in the Smoky Mountains, or just relaxing in a mountain cabin.

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