Being a broke college student


One of the most unfortunate things about being a college student is the lack of money.

With the price of education being so high, money can be extremely precious for a student, who hopes to pay their tuition and loans off quickly.

Having a job while in school can help, but sometimes it can be difficult to manage working, studying and writing papers.

While it is all worth it in the end because of the educational benefit, not having any money while in college can be depressing, especially when there is all work and no play.

For people who are not wealthy enough to avoid working while in school, it can be difficult.

There can be days which seem to drag on endlessly as one goes from class to class, gaining new assignments in each, and then at the end of the day, heading to work until closing time.

By the time they get home a person is either too exhausted to do homework or stays up through the night to get everything done.

This turns into a cycle that ultimately can cause problems for a student’s performance in class or a lack of enthusiasm for anything else.

While this is not necessarily the case for all students who work, it is no doubt a problem for some.

Luckily, universities normally offer some kind of meal plan package that helps financially.

It would be terrible for students to have to work and go to school and have to pay for their own food on a part-time salary.

Unfortunately, meal-plan money can run out quickly, as eating three good meals a day can add up over time.

After the meal plan is spent, a student has no choice but to spend their own money on food.

With the convenience of on-campus restaurants, with somewhat expensive prices, students can easily spend their part-time paycheck in a week on food alone.

So what can be done about this?

Typically, nothing can be done unless a student get more hours at their job or gets a work study, taking more hours out of their day and distracting them from schoolwork.

The best they can do is to eat cheap, spend less, and try to save as much as possible for repaying loans.

However, these options are extremely difficult to follow, especially for a college student.

With all of this, a student can get depressed about having no money and no fun. Their life has become all about work and homework with little time to relax.

Is there a way to get around this? Yes, if you don’t mind being spontaneous.

Every student should take some time to put homework aside and forget about it, preferably on a day off. They should then go out somewhere and have a good time.

Go with friends to a restaurant for a great meal, regardless of the price. Spend the night drinking responsibly in a bar or at a party and have a good time.

Buy the latest video game and waste the day away relaxing and not thinking about the stress of school life.

A student should never forget about their responsibilities, both at school and at  work. However, it is easy to forget that everybody needs to take a break and relax.

The most difficult thing about school is not the homework or the classes but managing your life.