Books that tell a story

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Last semester, Professor Andrew Ross taught a class called Contemporary Photography. For this class, a semester project was assigned where students were tasked with creating photography books. Each person in the class took a different approach to the project; whether it was making the book personal to their lives or creating something that showed off their skills. At the same time, the book also had to display something that the students were passionate about.
For my book, I took the interpretation very personal, and I talked about my daily struggles with anxiety and how it is not easily overcome. My book had quotes as well as fantasy worlds that I created in Photoshop. This semester we had an exhibition of our books as well as a photo from each of our books framed and are currently hanging in the McConnell Library. During the reception, we displayed our books so that the people that attended could view our work. Attendees were also able to see how we laid out our books since each one of us designed our books out differently.
During the reception, Professor Ross had each of us explain what our books were about as well as why we chose the subjects that we had. The variety of the different books and topics were fantastic. Each person that created their books explained them in a way that gave an insight into their story.
I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project last semester and sharing my story with the rest of the community. Being able to tell others a story with pictures, as well as creating your book, is such a great experience. These books were just the beginning of the Contemporary Photography class at Radford because the course offers a new type of curriculum. Students can create something that is unique and different without having their creativity stifled. Classes like this are the best way to allow students to embrace their creativity; enabling students to work on more open-ended projects cam help us to embrace our creativity.