Black Lives Matter protester shares her perspective on the Trump rally

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LeeAnn Scarberry |

During the Trump rally on Monday, Feb. 29, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters were escorted out of the Dedmon Center. Briana Davis was one of those protesters. She told The Tartan what the rally was like for her.

Q: I want to know what the scene was like from your prospective. What was it like for you?

A: For me, at the moment it was a lot, it was overwhelming. People were yelling at us, calling us names. A lady told me “Go back to Africa,” but it was important we kept our composure. We were peaceful, we didn’t resist. When they asked us to leave, we left. We knew we were gonna be kicked out and we were prepared for that.

Q: What happened once you were escorted out?

A: When we got outside the gym, and people were cheering with us. It was a proud feeling because we accomplished something. We stood for what was right and that vibe was worth all the negative backlash.

Q: At any point, did you chant “Black Lives Matter?” I have heard mixed things.

A: Yes, when were outside we were chanting “Black Lives Matter.”

Q: How did it feel for people to start chanting “All Lives Matter” while you were being escorted out?

A: It was frustrating because of course we were outnumbered, so their chants were louder, but that’s what made us switch our chant to black lives matter because we didn’t start saying that until after the crowds began it first.

Q: What were you originally shouting?

A: “No more hate, let’s be equal, let’s be great!”

Q: Why did you feel it was important to protest?

A: Because we have freedom of speech, and I personally don’t believe in his views and it’s evident he doesn’t care about the minority population only the majority. That’s a horrible representation of a ‘great America’ so the objective was to make a statement: He shouldn’t run the country if he isn’t for us all let alone be elected for the chance to do it.