Big potential for solo artist


Meghan McNeice



Unknown Component has an eerie but romantic essence to each of the 11 songs on the newly released album, “Blood V. Electricity”.

Keith Lynch is the mastermind behind Unknown Component. Working as a solo artist, Lynch is featured playing all instruments heard in the songs off  “Blood V. Electricity” including the piano, drums, guitar and vocals.

Based in Iowa, all the tracks on the album were recorded in Lynch’s independent studio. Everything ranging from lyrics, music and even album design is all by Lynch’s design.

There’s more to Unknown Component that meets the eye behind the dark twisted cover art of the album, the album features tracks that are hauntingly beautiful.

Whimsical tracks include “Painting the Weather” and “Sensory Deprivation”. But one of the more romantic and personal favorites is “Pendulum.”

“Moral Vultures” could very well be the next big hit to rock radio stations around the U.S. The song lyrics are instantly catchy and over all has a great upbeat to it.

Lynch has a strict monotone voice that hit’s higher pitches at time’s almost comparable to one of Linkin Parks lead singers Chester Bennington. The resemblance struck me while listening to “Gypsies of the Apocalypse”.

Unknown Component’s “Nowhere is Alone” has a unique echo to the track that makes it unlike any other song heard. Although it may seem that all the tracks run together through the slow and melodic sounds, Lynch does an impeccable job making each song unique in some way.

Each and every song on “Blood V. Electricity” has the potential to be worked into a musical masterpiece. Lynch can go either way with his musical talents. If he put together a band and solely focus on one area of expertise, he could really go places.