Best places around Radford to go on dates for the fall season

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Hannah Hale

Summer has come to an end, and the crisp air of fall has set on Radford. Now that the weather has changed, a lot of couples have a hard time finding some unique dates to go on, but do not fear! I have some ideas that can bring the spirit of fall into your love life.

A great way to get you adrenaline pumping and literally bring you two closer together, is by going to the old fashioned haunted house. Haunted houses have always scared the life out of me, but every time I’ve gone on a date to one, I came out with a great story and experience with my significant other. There is nothing better than clinging to your date after creepy life-size doll pops around the corner, and laughing later about how you both screamed like a child. You can head on over to the St. Albans Sanatorium (which is actually haunted) for their attraction “A Nightmare to Remember.”

If you’re a couple that adores the outdoors and adventure, go on a scenic walk or hike at the peak of the leaves changing. There are tons of trails in and around Radford that showcase the beauty of the trees. Take a thermos of hot apple cider and some sandwiches and have lunch among the sea of orange, red, and yellow. If you really want to experience the changing of leaves, go back to the same trail over the course of a few weeks. This only comes once a year, so take advantage of nature’s wonder with this intimate date.

My favorite thing to do in the fall is definitely going to a pumpkin patch. Most pumpkin patches have other attractions like corn mazes and hay rides too. You can pick out some pumpkins with your sweetie and carve them, paint them, or use the seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds. Print off some outlines online if you are not the best at free-hand carving. If you are of legal age and like wine, some patches have wine tastings that include wines from local vineyards and wineries. Sinkland Farms in Christiansburg has all the things you could want in a pumpkin patch.

If you are looking for something to do indoors, channel your inner kid and build a fort out of blankets and pillows (bonus: string lights) and watch a movie. This setting is great for cuddling, and the seclusion of the fort gives you both a sense of privacy and togetherness. If you want to add some Halloween flair to it, watch classic scary movies or Halloween themed movies (shout out to Hocus Pocus) and get in the spirit!

These ideas are just a few of many options you have for a date with your sweetheart, so if you want more, brainstorm some of your own on a “Fall Date Bucket List” or search some online. There are plenty of fun and adventurous things you can do in Radford or around Radford, you just have to look. I hope your fall is full of fun, adventure, and love!