Benny Nicola’s: I’m Going Again!

A great experience at Benny Nicola’s in Radford left me wanting even more from the restaurant’s selections.


Photo by Léo Roza: If you ask me, I’d say the wait was worth it.

By Montasia Braxton |

Last Tuesday, I ventured less than a mile away from Radford’s campus and found myself at Benny’s Nicola’s on Clement street.

Although this lively restaurant is “Home to the Virginia slice,” I found myself intrigued by the handwritten sign on the window promoting their new bone-in wings.

When I entered the restaurant, the employees greeted me with happy eyes and smiles that I knew were hidden behind their masks. The employees are welcoming and energetic throughout the entire service.

This was my first time ever dining here, so it took a moment for me to find the wings on their creative menu filled with bright neon colors.

This restaurant is so convenient for college students, especially those still living through this COVID-19 pandemic. They sell toilet paper and paper towels at reasonable prices along with their normal dining options.

Although there aren’t many socially distanced seats inside, there are tables outside for outdoor dining on nice days.

Once I located the wings on the menu, I was ready to order. The four sauces to choose from are buffalo, BBQ, ranch, and blue cheese.

I got both buffalo and BBQ on the side of my six-count wing for $7. The other options are a 12-count for $13 or a 24-count for $24.

I loved the fact that the chicken wings looked precisely like the picture from the menu because that isn’t always the case. Upon presentation, the wings weren’t too light or too dark. The wings were a decent size, well-cooked, and delicious.

I was served an appropriate mix of flats and drums, although I don’t have a preference. They were crispy and savory. But beware of the 30-minute wait on getting the wings served.

If you ask me, I’d say the wait was worth it.

The buffalo sauce was tangy and tasty, while the BBQ was thick and rich.

The sauce comes on the side to allow customers to drench their own wings in it however they like. On a scale from 1-10, Benny’s new bone-in wings are a good 8. They were mouth-watering and appetizing.

Not only were they soft and juicy, but they had a pleasant flavor even without the sauces.

The restaurant’s location, hours, prices, and the overall vibe is perfect for both the typical pizza-loving college student who’s on a budget and a Radford citizen in search of a meal with local flavor.

The pizzas are enormous and also sold at reasonable prices.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Benny’s the next time someone wants chicken, pizza, or toilet paper.

I can’t wait to go again!