Being successful in society




ach person is raised in one of many areas of the world which each have their own differing values. In each place, more emphasis is put some values more than others. One main value that I see that America that has taken very seriously is the need for success and  attempting to reach your goals in order to achieve a better life.

I think this value we call success starts with the emphasis on education. Americans seem to all be in agreement that with an education, people can go further in life then without one. We do have the exception of people who dropped out of school and became very successful and lived very productive lives; however, for the average person, it has been shown that the more education a person has, the higher they will climb the career ladder and the better future they will have.

For my generation at least, I find that more of our parents have set an example for us children. We have more   working mothers and more parents who have completed college and beyond. This is where our home life is such a prime example of monkey see monkey do. We have role models to look up to and we see the successes they have achieved in their life and we cannot help but want to mimic that for our own future. Along with having role models, we also have parents who want the best for their offspring. Parents realize that they either did well because of higher education or fell short because of the lack of education. In either case,  parents will fight for their kids to get the best education because they know the rewards that parallel the education.

This American value of education is strongly enforced in school systems too. School district heads are making more strides to keep kids in school and are finding more resources to help those who are struggling. Those extra resources are outside tutoring centers and on the other end of the spectrum; kids who are ahead of their class have the opportunity to showcase their talents in Gifted and Talented (GT) programs. Then for the high schools, more and more institutions are showing interest in not only getting teens to finish high school, but getting them into college. Schools are now willing to really help teens reach their goal in successfully getting to the next step in their education, college.

For this particular value of success in regards to education, laws such as the “No Child Left Behind” Act have been put into effect. This act states that each state needs to develop specific basic skills that each child needs to accomplish in each grade level. This act creates the basic rule that every child will be given the same opportunity in the classroom. Other, newer laws that have been instituted are those dealing with special education. The IDEA law, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, was one of the starters of Individualized Education Plan for each student enrolled in special education. With these laws, more students with disabilities can succeed and become a productive member of society.

It will soon become our normal that every single high school student goes to some kind of college. We are starting to form a trend now that it is our “normal” that every teen graduates high school. Every generation, we get closer to our goal of having more success stories with people who teachers never though would graduate college and go into the workforce with a great educational background.

My socialization has revolved around education. I have two parents who have graduated college and gone beyond for further education. I have multiple family members who work in education. Without great support from your family, fundamentals learning grade school and the motivation to be a successful adult, I do not know what would have happened with my socialization.

Success is a constant value that is shown in all cultures and can be interpreted and applied in many situations and activities throughout the world. Without proper socialization, no one would have a chance at being successful. Now because of laws and regulations and better information on parenting, I feel that each generation is going to become more successful then the next.



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