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Being in a relationship while in college: The pros and cons

Mehkiya Gregory

Being in a relationship can be a lot of fun and also a lot of work. Sometimes, high school lovers break up before going off to college for multiple reasons. One person may be going far away to school or someone may want to enter the college scene as a single person. There are a lot of pros and cons with being in a relationship while in college.

One con is not trusting your significant other. Trust has to be the key to the relationship; it is the foundation that holds it together. Many might feel like they do not have high amounts of trust with their partner. The stress of not being able to trust your significant other fully could have major conflicts with your college career and so on. You would want a trusting relationship to ensure the strength and the bond between you and your significant other are strong. Alona Boshonek said, “trusting insignificant other is a big one, and also your freedom will be limited to that one individual.” Lack of trust is one of the major things that can hinder some people in establishing long term relationships. If you cannot fully trust an individual, the relationship will not work.

A pro of being in a relationship while in college is you would have someone who would encourage you every step of the way. Falling in love with your number one fan would be an amazing thing. Having someone who fully supports you, and you fully supporting them is what it’s all about. Each working together to better themselves as well as having a healthy relationship is considered “relationships goals” to me. A healthy relationship requires sacrifice and each being mature enough to understand the ups and downs of the relationship. You have to work together to make the relationship work.

Everything ultimately, in the end, is based on the two individuals and how they react while being in a relationship. You want a healthy relationship to have a healthy college life. You would not want the stress to weigh on you so much that you cannot accomplish your goals. Your education is important; a relationship cannot take up all of your time. It is important to set up goals for yourself and follow them. That’s the same for a relationship if you have proper communication as well as trust, your relationship should prosper.




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