Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest!


Danielle Mason |

Walking into the Muse Banquet Hall, students were stunned and pleased by the different lights, decorations, change of scene, and the atmosphere. Standing in the buffet style line, anxiously waiting to get food, you cannot help but look around at the different decor. Each table was covered with a yellow tablecloth, centered with a glass dome. Inside, was a rose and a “candle.” Outside of the dome, was a crown slipped over it. Sound familiar?

Wednesday night R-SPaCE, Radford Student Programming, and Events put together an event a little more special than just going to a movie and eating some popcorn. Free to all Radford students, there were a buffet and a film. In the buffet line was chicken, broccoli, bread, and Crème Brulee. After getting some food, students went and chose a table, where there was more than likely someone there that they didn’t know. They would sit down and eat a nice cooked meal. While eating students got the opportunity to watch “Beauty and the Beast,” produced this year.

It was evident that R-SPaCE worked very hard to put together a beautiful, relaxing event for the students on campus. Being at this event, people were happy and seemed to enjoy themselves with the people they were with, and possibly some new faces. Sam Granzetto, a sophomore at Radford University, says, “I enjoyed the event. I got a chance to make some new friends that I would not have met if I had not come. It was a real social experience.”

At the event, since so many people came, people did not have a choice other than to sit with people that they did not know. This generated real conversation, genuine laughter, and relaxing together that could have possibly led to making new friendships. Sophomore Ben Williams says, “If my girlfriend and I had not come to this event, we would not have made two new friends tonight. Eventually, we were all talking so much and laughing together that the movie was not a concern of ours. Then afterward, we all went to Starbucks and hung out for a little while.”

Going out to these different kinds of events is just the sort of thing the organization wants and hopes for. R-SPaCE’s mission statement says, “Radford Student Programming and Campus Events Board organizes and promotes entertaining and educational activities which offer the Radford community new experiences and different perspectives.” This explains just why R-SPaCE is doing all new and exciting events. They want students to be able to relax and not stress over little everyday things for a moment. According to their site, they plan and sponsor over two hundred events for students every year. These events include tie-dying, movies in the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center, performances by different people, Build-A-Bear workshops, and much more!


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