‘Batman v Superman’

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Alexis Gardner | agardner5@radford.edu

Batman vs. Superman. Night vs. Day. God vs. Man. Who is the winner? Who is the best? Who is the strongest? Who has the best movies? Those are some of the main questions today. Who has better movies and who wins in a fight?

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” just came out, and my expectations were not super low, but they also were not too high. I was pretty unsure of how it would turn out when it came to Ben Affleck playing Batman because Christian Bale has always been Batman and I loved him as Batman.

After seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Affleck played Batman very well but he was definitely different from Bale’s Batman, but that does not mean Affleck was bad. The friends that I went with actually said they preferred Affleck to Bale, which may come as a surprise to some. I also felt like Henry Cavill played his role as Superman very well, but my all-time favorite Superman actor is Brandon Routh.

Since I prefer Marvel to DC, I do not know as much about their superheroes or villains as I do about Marvel. I am although familiar with Batman and Superman. Superman may be invincible to anything but kryptonite, but I have Batman winning in a fight.

Self-proclaimed nerd Carl Miles, says that Batman definitely wins in a fight because, “…all Batman has to do is pull out Kryptonite and Superman is vulnerable. The minute Kryptonite is added to the equation Superman is toast.” Miles also said, “Batman has better fighting skills all around, Superman is just strong and Batman is fast enough and has to know how to avoid Superman’s kill moves. That being said, if Superman did not care about casualties, he could just destroy Batman from afar by going Supernova (yes that’s a thing he can do) and he literally just explodes with the force of the sun. It leaves him powerless a little, but Batman would not survive.”

I learned something from Miles because I had no idea Superman could do that, and that is actually pretty cool.

When it comes to movies, Batman definitely has the better movies. “The Dark Knight” is the best Batman movie, heck, it could even be called one of the best superhero movies ever. The action and special effects were great. The storyline was perfect. The makeup was amazing, especially when Harvey Dent became Two-Faced. You can actually see the tendons on the other side of his face and half of his lip was nonexistent.

The acting was also phenomenal, especially Heath Ledger playing the Joker. He did not just embody the character, but he became it. The way he says “Why so serious?” is just chilling. The thing about “The Dark Knight” is yeah it is about Batman, but the Joker also has such a huge part in it. It is impossible to talk about “The Dark Knight” without talking about the Joker. With that being said, no one can ever top Ledger’s Joker. Ever. To me, Superman movies are not as good or memorable as Batman movies.

Miles said, “Batman has better movies because Batman has a weakness- Batman can die. Superman you know he isn’t going to lose.”

I agree with Miles. Batman movies are way better and I also think they have more action in them, making them more exciting.

With all of that being said, I recommend seeing “Batman v Superman.” Obviously there are going to be things that people find wrong with it, but just give it a chance. It may surprise you like it surprised me, and you may end up loving it.