Avengers: Endgame- A Movie Review

By Evan Mason | emason3@radford.edu

Avengers: Endgame is the sum of years of Marvel superhero movies that needs to be experienced. This is the must-see movie of the year.

The best way to enjoy this movie is if you have seen most, if not all of The Infinity Saga Marvel movies before Avengers: Endgame because you will appreciate it that much more from the knowledge you’ve gained. Not only that, but there are a ton of easter eggs and references throughout.

(Spoilers Ahead for Avengers: Infinity War)
Following Thanos’s snap begins a story of the balance that he achieved and the aftermath. With screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo, this was a colossal undertaking offering an epic narrative balancing darker moments, deep emotions, and yet still managing also to deliver lighthearted moments and humor.

Endgame does well to pay homage to the moments, characters, and relationships. While it may sometimes feel like fan service, and it is fan service, it does make you reflect on the sheer scope of this interconnected universe and the investment of the fans and creators in years past.

There is a lot of focus on the original six characters of the MCU, but it pans out well, while still giving the large cast of characters moments to shine in the process.

Without giving away spoilers, some fans may feel like certain characters didn’t have much of a role, but in thinking of the future, some characters will play a more significant role in newer movies which is why the original characters get the most focus.

There is an over-reliance of CGI, which is noticeable at times, but it doesn’t take away too much from the over the top epic battle scenes, which has moments of breaking into character building and emotional moments. The pay off from those moments strengthens the outcomes immensely and gives everything more depth.

The length of the movie, despite being 3 hours long, is actually well paced. It doesn’t feel dragged out or boring. It is a dense movie that does what it needs to do without making you feel ready to leave.

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