Alexis Gardner

2018 Movie Preview

3 min read This year will be a big year for the film industry. Several upcoming movies have been highly anticipated or highly advertised and a handful of lesser-known films that are sure to catch the attention of moviegoers.

Radford’s New Dog Policy

2 min read On Nov. 17, Radford University’s public relation sent an email to the members of the Radford University community. In the email the university officials stated a new policy that establishes the requirements for animals, including service animals, support animals, and pets, to be brought on campus property.

The ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

3 min read About every six months, teenagers in the United States choose a new fad to be involved in. Now ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ has been dubbed the “in” thing to be doing. This challenge, like all the others, is idiotic. 

What is Radford’s HEHROS?

< 1 min read Only two weeks ago I knew about the HEHROS program which is a program that helps students who share housing due to loss of housing and economic hardship. HEHROS stands for Helping Eliminate Homelessness through Resources Opportunities and Supplies. They also help students…