Alexis Gardner

March for Our Lives

2 min read I couldn’t be more proud of those young rebels! I couldn’t do anything but being impressed about how revolutionary and civilized they expressed their anger about what happened on Feb. 14.

Is free speech no longer free?

2 min read The right to free expression is the best idea to come out of the enlightenment era. The Founding Fathers understood this when they decided to place it number one in a list of fundamental restrictions placed on the government; Which created, for this little experiment of theirs called, the United States of America.

A Preview of COMS Week

3 min read COMS Week 2018 is coming up, and there are a lot of fun things planned for not only Communications majors, but also for all other majors. This is a week dedicated to engaging students and community through career-centered workshops, informative speeches from professionals in the field, and philanthropic fundraising.

It is Breakup Season!

3 min read It seems like 2018 has been the year for the dramatic endings. Many fans were disappointed about the announcement of the breakups of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s, and the girl group Fifth Harmony, after they have called, it quits.

Should Teachers Have Guns?

2 min read Lately, there has been much controversy over gun control in traction to the recent school shootings. I’ve decided to take a pros and cons approach to this because I am having a hard time sticking to a hard yes or no on this issue. Some good things could form in light of recent events, but there can also be many dangers that stem from that exposure.

Netflix’s ‘Chewing Gum’

2 min read Michaela Coel’s spontaneous, convincing performance is enough to keep you watching her TV show comedy, Chewing Gum, over and over endlessly. It is currently streaming on Netflix and is worth your attention.

Let’s Talk About Sex

2 min read The majority of people who attended public school received some type of sex education. Unfortunately, the standards of sex education are not consistent throughout the United States. Considering the rise in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), it seems that the instruction received is not absorbing or registering with young people.