Austin Grill has stepped up their game

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Rachel Mahoney

After not so rave reviews from students about the Mexican style restaurant Austin Grill management has made lots of changes to the eatery. The dining services set out to make a change by giving out surveys so they can get a feel for what it was that students didn’t like. After examining the surveys they made many changes to the menu and tried to accommodate the local flavor. “We have received positive comments about the changes,” said Resident District Manager Ben Southard.

Following complaints about diners not liking the char-grilled burgers and the food being too spicy, management has since changed all that. The original burger was cooked on a charcoal grill for 12-13 minutes, but they found that people didn’t like that style of burger. So they made changes and got a higher grade meat and now they cook the burgers on a flat top grill for 4-5 minutes. They also took out the heat and spiciness from the burgers and added them to sauces so customers are now able to add as much spice as they want to their meal. One customer enjoyed that particular change and said, “The burgers are a lot better without all the spicy flavor.” They have changed the Queso cheese and added a chips and salsa bar, giving the restaurant a more Tex-Mex style.

One major change that has been made is they have re-evaluated some of their prices, which helps out students like Freshman Laura Bagley who said, “ I only have a little money left on my meal plan so it’s good that it’s a little cheaper because I really like their food.”

To accommodate the vegans and vegetarians of this school the restaurant has come out with new vegetarian options like the Boca burger and a Wet vegetarian burrito. They will soon have posters and pamphlets advertising more vegetarian and vegan options for diners. The

dining services have worked with SGA and other numerous school affiliations to help get the word out about the positive changes that have been made at the restaurant

While some things have changed, like the menu, others have not. The service is still mediocre, the rice and ground beef still rather dry and the check-out registers are still a mess with students being crammed around one another. All in all the changes that have been made seem to be for the better and they are not stopping anytime soon. The dining services are still going to be handing out surveys and wanting to know what changes the students want made.