Arrive Alive Tour; Drunk Driving and Distracted Driving Program

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The Arrive Alive Tour took a pit stop in Radford last Monday to help educate students on the dangers of driving distracted or intoxicated. The program travels across the nation and stops at all school levels from elementary to college, and beyond. Their mission is to make people aware of the risks that come along with getting behind the wheel when you have been drinking, or even texting.

The program is sponsored by Unite, which continues to be the leading Health and Wellness Organization in America. They want to provide programs that will impact each campus they visit. It was also ranked the No. 1 drunk driving and distracted driving program.

The group that came to Radford University is one of four that are sponsored by Unite. They do drunk driving and texting while driving simulations at colleges, high schools and work events all over the country.

The program ran from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. out on the Bonnie plaza. Tyler Hervsteith, a spokesperson from the program, said that around a hundred students came and went through the simulation at RU.

Hervsteith hopes this program will help people understand how driving distracted can be dangerous to not only the driver, but to passengers and other drivers and pedestrians on the road. He wants people to think about waiting to answer a text until they are not diving, and to choose to not get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

The booth had a simulated car that allowed students to go through a computer-animated program that would show them different distractions along the way. There were also goggles that could show what it would look like if you were intoxicated or distracted from texting.

Most of the students that take the course end up failing or “dying,” proving that students should not be taking any risks while behind the wheel.

There was also a Fight For Life station where students could sign to dedicate their lives to not texting and driving,  as well as one where students could pledge not to drink and drive. This also lets students sign up for a continuation of the program and/or more information about drunk driving and distracted driving.

If you missed this event, the tour’s official website, you can get all the information you need to be better informed about driving distracted at, the tour’s official website. The site also includes a news section that shows the previous campuses they have been to and the students they have spread the message to.