Annual fashion show yields impressive turnout

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Cassandra Clayton

Fashion has always been a very inventive, artistic and beautiful field that is constantly changing. Though many people find it hard to keep up to date on what is in and out in the fashion world, many people do not truly look at the impact it has on everyday life.

Fashion, in a sense, defines people’s opinions on one another through just appearances and the brands people wear.

Like it or not, we live in a materialistic society where people are constantly being judged and it is often because of fashion. This isn’t a reason to blame fashion for people being so judgmental; look at it as a reason to confront one’s self and define one’s own identity through fashion.

This will give everyone a chance to express themselves artistically and really let our clothing and style speak for us.

In a sense, this is what fashion designers do on a daily basis. Radford University has many great up incoming fashion designers that creatively showed their personal styles through the clothing they created in Radford’s Annual Fashion Show.

On Saturday, March 24 at 5 p.m., the College of Visual and Performing Arts Interior Design and Fashion Visual Merchandising class held the 14th Annual Fashion Show in Preston Hall. Tickets for the event were just $10 if you bought them in advance and $15 at the door.

The auditorium was filled with parents, locals and students from all majors. During the show, upbeat music was accompanied by the constant flashing of cameras from within the audience, proving that is was a much-anticipated event.

Radford’s merchandising students produced the show that showcased the work of twenty designers from the fashion design program, ranging from sophomores to seniors. The show had six different styles of clothing that designers had created original pieces for: Career Wear, Resort Wear, Swim Wear, Semi-Formal Wear, Formal Wear, and Senior Collection.

Each designer had their own distinct style and areas within the fashion world, some of which they had picked up from internships at clothing companies. That great opportunity and experience some of the designers had prominently was displayed through their clothing.

Many of the senior designers have plans of going to New York to further their career after graduation. Senior Dena Cooper previously interned at Charlotte Ronson; one of New York’s most sought after American women’s designers. Cooper plans on returning to the city and doing whatever possible for the company in hopes to make a name for herself.

“It is my third time in a fashion show and the process here was very interesting. It was all definitely a big rush,” Cooper said. “It was all very exhilarating and I also feel like I received a lot of positive feedback, there was definitely clapping and even a few screams.”

“I loved the show, and there were a lot of unique clothes out there and a lot of things I would actually wear, not just high fashion,” said sophomore Paula Fon, who currently studies fashion merchandising.

“There were a lot of nice dresses and bathing suits,” Fon said. “The bathing suits where by far my favorite category.”
“I love how you can express yourself through clothes,” she said.

Refreshments were served after the show by RU catering so people could comment on the program and meet the designers.