Animal Madness crowned a winner


In a previous article about Buzzfeed’s Animal Madness, the March Madness-like bracket had been started and now a winner has been declared.

Like March Madness, Animal Madness is structured by a bracket, and instead of teams being eliminated due to losing a basketball game, animals are eliminated if they do not get enough votes from the public.

Buzzfeed’s clever spin on the popular basketball tournament has now crowned a winner — elephants! Team elephant took first prize in this season’s Animal Madness. In the third round, the match-ups were as follows: red pandas vs. otters, and elephants vs. wombats. The otter stood no chance against its opponent, the red panda.

Buzzfeed even came out with an article titled “11 Reasons Why You Have To Vote for the Red Panda As The Next Big Animal” and another article that was similar except it was “11 Reasons Why to Vote for Elephants.” Some of the reasons they gave to vote in favor of red pandas their cute, bushy tails, their playful attitude, their expertise with computers, and my favorite reason, their “don’t take s*%t from nobody” attitude. The reasons for voting for the elephants were a bit more comical with reasons such as, elephants enjoy a good boop on the nose, they love beach days and playing in the water, and sometimes they do embarrassing stuff, and that’s what the internet is for.

Congratulate all the animals that participated in the first ever Animal Madness and hope for their return next year, and vote to see if your favorite animal can make it to the top of the bracket!


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