Phi Alpha Delta prepares students for career in law


Jennifer Werner

Relatively new to the Radford University campus, law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta is helping pave the way for future lawyers.
Unlike most fraternities, whether academic, service based, or social, there is not a pledge process. There is simply an oath stated and an initiation night. There are no bigs or littles, but instead a group of 14 like-minded individuals striving to learn more about the judicial system.

As the smallest chapter in southwest VA, Radford’s law fraternity is planning a mock trial to prepare students for life in a court room. Active members will sit in and act as if partaking in a live court case. One student will act as the presiding judge, while others act as a defense attorney, prosecutor, defendant, jury, and, if necessary, a witness.

In mid-February, there will be a panel of three or four lawyers discussing different cases and what they did to get into law school. There will be a question and answer session that will allow fraternity members to gain insight into what they need to know before applying to a law school.

Recently, Phi Alpha Delta had a community service project at the Ronald McDonald House in Roanoke to host a dinner for the families of cancer patients. The Ronald McDonald House provided the food and shelter for the families. However, PAD expressed their culinary skills as they cooked and served the food. One of the main goals for PAD is to continue their work with the Ronald McDonald House and make a more conscious effort of helping those in need.
They have made a motion, according to RU senior and PAD member, Brooke Embree, to collect soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald House which will later be recycled and used to raise money.

“Another goal of ours is to go to Carillion in Roanoke and read to children for an hour or two to let them know that people care. Also, we are planning more trips to the Ronald McDonald house,” said Embree.

There are benefits of being in the fraternity. Members receive a small discount on their LSATS. William and Mary is just one of the schools that wave the application fee for students in PAD who are applying to law school.

“I have considered going to law school after I get my MBA. There is a sports and entertainment part of law. There are different cases like O.J. Simpson. There is also sports litigation. I would like to handle those kind of cases,” said Embree, “If anyone is interested in law, PAD is a way to evaluate yourself and to see where you fit and whether law is something you want to go into. You definitely have to have the skin for it. It’s a tough work load and it has to be something you’re passionate about.

“If you’re really interested in pursuing it then this is a definite step in your academic career both at Radford and in law school. It also looks really good on an application and shows that you’re passionate about law, not just applying to law school randomly,” said Embree.