Ah-Choo to You: Spring Allergies Are Here

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By Dustin Staples | dstaples1@radford.edu

Over the last few weeks, you may have been experiencing a rise of sneezing, as Spring is in full bloom. With high pollen levels in the air, allergies are picking up rapidly.

Since late January, trees have started coming alive after being dormant since the Winter ended in March. The peak season for allergies usually arrive in late February and continue throughout May. By the time the summer months come, the peak season is over, and less of the allergies are typically gone.

During this period, grass pollen is key, as the weather is getting warmer and the sound of lawn mowers becomes a normal surrounding.

By the time we know, the circle of life takes over again.As for July-September and November, your common Spring allergies come back, and then the Fall allergies take over. Ragweed is the most dominant as we head into the autumn months.

What about rainfall? The good news is that we usually get a wet season as we transition from Summer to the Autumn season.

By the time we head into the Winter months (December-February), mold, fungus, and dander from your pets and other pesticides tend to linger throughout your homes and cars.

Moreover, by the time we know, the circle of life takes over again.

Photo Credit: (Daniël MaasUnsplash; Brittany ColetteUnsplash)