Advice to avoid on-campus assults

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By: Jacob Willens

Sexual assault and other related crime rates have decreased by more than 60% since 1993 according to the U.S. Department of Justice survey from 2010. But sexual assault   is still an issue on many campuses. That brings up the question of: What about Radford University?

I personally never got why or what the motive for people sexually assaulting another person.  The scary thing is that there are still a number of kids that don’t report the incident because it affects them so much mentally.  When these acts are done at a young age, the child is more likely to have mental altercations throughout their life.

When a parent lets a child go off to college they shouldn’t have to worry about their child being sexually assaulted on their way back to their dorm.

The true fact of the matter is that it does happen so there should be a few set out steps to prevent them. Set out a time to be back in your dorm, if you are out past that time, bring a buddy and don’t go out empty handed.  If you stay to your rules you will be almost guaranteed that it will not happen to you.

If you are not willing to take those risks then stay in your own personal bubble that you would call home.  Overall life is about making choices, even if not all of them are the right ones.  The thing that everyone needs to get over is that life is not perfect, just keep your head up and keep going.