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Want to advertise on The Tartan’s website or in the newspaper? Contact Student Media Advertising (*SMADS) today!

All inquiries for advertising must be taken up with SMADS

Phone: 540-831-6051



Radford’s Student Media consists of six organizations. Each is dedicated to bringing professional-quality media to the college community through leadership and teamwork.

SMADs currently offers advertising space in two of these publications: The Tartan and Whim. The Tartan, Radford University’s weekly student newspaper, publishes every Wednesday of each academic week and also has an online edition. The University’s weekly internet magazine Whim publishes every Friday of each academic week. Student Media publications reach into every corner of the campus community by covering issues affecting Radford’s population and showcasing the talent and creativity of students, faculty, and staff. In the future, we hope to offer advertising space in our other media as well.

Student Media publications are the most efficient and effective way to reach students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding Radford community. Each Student Media publication is offered FREE of charge on campus and throughout the community. These publications are the best way to let Radford University’s community know what your business has to offer, and SMADs can help you tap into that market.

Student Media Advertising, also known as SMADs, was formed in 2001 when it separated from The Tartan. SMADs was created to better serve Radford University’s other student media, and offer advertisers more choices. All Student Media and Student Media Advertising are run solely by ambitious, bright and talented Radford University students. Faculty advisors and industry professionals are available to assist and guide students when needed.

SMADs is managed by an Advertising Sales Manager who ensures that your experience is as pleasant and convenient as possible. An Advertising Sales Representative will serve as your main contact and is available to help you find the publication(s) that best suit your business needs. They will help you purchase and place your ads and find the best payment method for your business. Our Advertising Sales Representatives work closely with the Graphic Designers to make sure your ad fits your needs. A Business Manager also is available to help you with any billing or payment concerns. Don’t hesitate to contact someone on our team for assistance.

We look forward to working with you!

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*SMADS is not affiliated with The Tartan.

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