About Us

Radford’s weekly student-run newspaper, The Tartan, features news and information about Radford University and the surrounding area and is distributed both on campus and around town.

The newspaper also exists to provide an experimental ground for students so they can experience what it takes to make it as a journalist, whether they want to be a reporter, editor, copy editor, editor-in-chief, designer or even something else entirely. We proved the support, outlet, and leadership opportunities to make you and your experience at Radford University thrive by expanding your portfolio, engaging with people from all backgrounds, being apart of something big, and giving the tools you need to “make it.”

The Tartan strives to provide fair and balanced coverage of the community and to give a fair opportunity to work for all students who wish to be a part of the student-run newspaper.

Our sections include News, Culture (arts and entertainment), The Tea (opinions and editorials), and Sports.

“Our Opinion” pieces are written collectively by members of The Tartan Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is comprised of the editing staff, the Tea writers, and other Radford University students. These undergraduate and graduate students represent multiple class levels and different political, cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Members may or may not belong to a variety of student organizations. The Editorial Board is open to all RU students who apply.

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Our History

The Tartan was originally started eleven years after Radford University was founded in 1910. Radford University was originally an all women’s college. Radford University’s only student-run newspaper (originally called The Grapurchat before it changed in 1979) was four pages, featured one picture, and the first centerpiece detailed a cocktail party which had happened the week before.

Since then, The Tartan’s staff has grown to include four section editors, four assistant editors, an Editor-in-Chief, a Managing Editor, and a graphics and photography team to take pictures in the field and create their own designs. The Tartan has a weekly circulation of 1,500 papers.

The Tartan utilizes the RU Student Media’s in-house advertising agency, SMADS, to gather and design advertisements which The Tartan uses as its main stream of revenue. The Tartan nets about $2,100 a week in advertising revenue alone.

In March 2011, The Tartan launched a WordPress website to complement the print form of the publication. The website features a mix of articles published in the weekly issues of The Tartan but also plays host to content uploaded throughout the week that does not get published in the weekly Wednesday editions.


*The Twitter profile @RAD___News is not affiliated with the Tartan (@RUTartan) and it stands as a separate entity used by the staff to post news, updates, events, and as a global platform for us to post information about anything and everything we find interesting, funny, or helpful. @RUTartan is for Radford University individually and what we post on our site/newspaper which is sometimes about topics off-campus related but affects us national and/or internationally.

*We have writers, and we have editors. Editors post the writer’s work, or their work which is edited by another editor. When the editors post work on rutartan.com, it will say it is by the editor. In bold underneath that there is the name and email of the real author whether or not their an editor or not. We do this to keep a controlled website with only a few accounts with access a semester.