Abnormal Radford weather

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It can be weird. It can be a little goofy and in a moment can change suddenly. The weather here in Radford is a mystery. It is a place where winter means summer and summer means melting pot because temperatures are a little bit unusual up in the good ol’ Blue Ridge Mountains.
As a quick recap, one day last week, it snowed six or seven inches. At the end of the day, people were fretting from the cold, flopping on their backs in agony from sledding and throwing snowballs. Twenty-four hours later, the temperature was in the 50s and rising, and we were huddled inside listening to the rain wondering if it was ever going to stop. The rain led to a flood of the New River, leaving many cars under water for hours on end. A snow storm, a heat wave and a flood in a matter of two days, although maybe a little bit extreme, works well to encapsulate the typical weather pattern here.
The worldwide debate about global warming is one that can be pushed back and forth constantly. Believers feel that natural disasters are occurring at a more rapid pace than normal and changing weather patterns express a warming effect. Non-believers fail to see reality and consider the hot and cold and wet and dry to be a natural climate change occurrence.
However, without looking anywhere else but our little Radford bubble, it seems we’re living under some sort of insane weather-maker. One day it is scrambled rain with a side of ice and sleet. Another day it is sunny side up eggs with a chance of cloudy toast on the side. It’s a guessing game every single day.
For those of us who suffer from enduring the early morning 8 a.m. classes, we have to leave our homes with heavy jackets and scarves around our necks and we may even encounter a slight sheet of white on the ground or an evil wind that blows in our faces as we walk to class over the wintery months. Yet, by mid-day, our little 8 a.m. groupies are wearing shorts and smiling at the warm sunshine. It’s insanity in its finest form.
In February, when most would crank up the heat and snuggle under the blankets, we have our windows rolled down and instead of chugging hot chocolate we find reprieve in the cool chill of frozen yogurt! It’ll snow one day and the next day it’ll be gone. There is no need to even purchase a pair of winter boots because they may only get worn a measly one or two times throughout the season.
At a time when we should fear the cold, we are walking around fearless. Although the groundhog predicted an early spring, the weather was warm long before Feb. 2.
Most people would prefer warmer weather than cold and sunshine over clouds, but don’t you want to have a true snowfall before April showers bring the May flowers?
Winter is a time for peace and serenity. The sheet of white everywhere soothes the soul and the quiet sound of snow falling is a song anyone could listen to on repeat. And who wouldn’t want a couple days of cancelled class?
For this, let’s all put on our pajamas inside out and do our little snow dances. In a time of global climate change, it’s necessary to hope for a winter that is winter and a summer that is summer. Much more of this constant up and down and all around, we may all go a little bit crazy.
Radford may always be known for its abnormal weather, but maybe drinking that cup of hot cocoa in the morning will spur a snow storm. Let’s get back to the seasonal traditions so maybe our lovely weather will return to normal. If those don’t work, we better be prepared for that 16-inch snowpocalypse we may fall victim to in April. With Radford, you’ll never know!