A Valentine’s Day Dillemma


With Valentine’s Day weekend quickly approaching, some Radford students are stumped as to what they can do for their very own valentine without feeling that they are just following the motions and acting like a tool. Many are worried that what they plan on doing isn’t going to be enough, and they feel that they have to pull out all of the stops to make this day special in some way. However then there begs the next question, what if you do too much? Many a time one person has done everything they could, and their significant other just hands them a card and says “I didn’t know that you would do all this”. Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned from other students for wooing your valentine this Friday the 14th that are sure to work out in your favor.

Chivalry isn’t dead people, and it is something that everyone hopes for but no longer expects. Opening doors and pushing in chairs may not seem like a big deal, but it is seen as going through with that extra step to make a romantic evening seem just that much better. Chivalry does not take too much effort for one night, and with a little bit of effort you could even continue throughout the year and see how much favor it will win you.

Another tip that I learned from a fellow student is the idea of a nice romantic evening in. Cooking a meal may seem like a hassle depending on what you want to make, however it will be greatly appreciated and you will get all the credit that you feel you deserve. A nice evening at home also means that you can decorate everything however you want. If you want to throw rose petals all around the rom then go for it. You can light all the candles that you want, just be careful not to set off your smoke detector in the process. One other good reason for a romantic evening at home also means that you are just that much closer to the bedroom if the evening takes that turn.

Overall the theme that I heard when interviewing Radford University students was the idea of homemade gifts or meals, really showing that you want to put effort into the relationship. While a fancy dinner out on the town might be preferable for some, you might want to add a homemade card to give it that little extra touch. If you are going to stay at home, make sure that you have a nice meal or even planned that will make them know that you understand what this relationship means to you and you want to continue to work on it. Everyone wants validation that they are putting an investment into something that will last, otherwise you just might be stuck as a member of the lonely hearts club when you show up on the doorstep with no card and a silly excuse


-Ellie Hawthorne

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