A Look Into Radford’s Student Drawing Show

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Michael Aaron Coopersmith | mcoopersmith@radford.edu

Earlier in the week, I looked at The Student Drawing Show which was hosted in the Porterfield Gallery.

This gallery hosts a variety of different styles of art every two weeks of special projects and works from current Radford University students. This past week it hosted projects from students in drawing here at Radford.

The style of the art being displayed was drawings of portraits, surreal works, and impressions. In my personal opinion, each one seemed to have been crafted very passionately to create exciting artworks which only used black and white colors.

Dalon Hall shows us another sketch of a full body impression of a dead bird in A Gift, much like his artwork I Found This in a Dark Place.

Each piece of artwork they did was impressively well done and unique to them. This can sometimes be difficult for artists to create paintings that make the works identifiable to them, but this can be a double-edged sword, if they keep doing the same thing it just might make them a “one-trick pony.” I’ll wait patiently to see what else they can produce.

One of best impressionist work I saw in the Drawing Gallery was Kaitlyn Houston’s Memories.

Out of all the impression works that were there, I felt that I was looking at an old black and white picture of an old man just sitting down, most probably contemplating his life. The shadow that was produced by the man just made the drawing feel more natural, keeping to the impressionist style.

Overall, the gallery did show some awe-inspiring pieces by Radford University students. I would recommend stopping by and taking a look in this small art gallery located in Porterfield 205 to see even more diverse and brilliant painting that are showcased every two weeks.

From Feb. 27 to March 15, the gallery will be showcasing Student Watercolor Show and much more colorful exhibit than previous.

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Photo Credit (Aaron Coopersmith | The Tartan)