A Full Night of Fame


This weekend at Radford University, a different event took place in the Hurlburt student center. This event was called Four Hours of Fame, and was put on by the R-space group. This event focused around the ideas of movies and movie stars, trying to create a movie theme night of fun to be had by all.

As stated in previous articles, R-space is a group of RU students who are founded around the ideas of creating entertaining and enjoyable experiences for students on campus who may not want to spend their entire weekend partying. These activities are all planned and put on by the students of the group and feature some type of theme, in this case Hollywood and the movie world.

This event took place from 8 p.m. until midnight on Friday, Nov. 8. It was a chance for students to interact with each other and get together for a chance to meet new students around campus and have fun on a night that isn’t centered around homework or studying. Free food and even a chocolate fountain were offered for individuals who came out to chat and enjoy themselves.

The Hurlburt student center, or the Bonnie as it is mainly called, was decorated with a few posters and the stage was set up for a movie trivia game for everyone to participate in, with prizes for certain participants of they could score high enough. If students did not want to take a place in the trivia game or wanted to take a break, there was also a photo booth for people to pose with. A green screen was erected so students could pose in front of it, by themselves or with props that were provided by R-space. These pictures could then allow the participants to look like they were in the backdrop of a favorite movie or scene, giving them a chance to feel like they are directly involved in the film. Airbrush tattoos were provided for students.

Overall this night was an evening of fun to be had by all. Students seemed to be enjoying themselves when I was in the Bonnie, talking and laughing and apparently having a grand old time with others. This event just goes to show that there are some students out there who actually want to have a good time and enjoy themselves without alcohol or drugs. Although RU has come to have a reputation as a bit of a party school, events like this have come to show that fun can be had on a dry college campus without anything illegal being involved. Events like these are beginning to be more prevalent throughout the campus and hopefully they remain just as exciting and entertaining in the months to come.

– Ellie Hawthorne

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