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On Thursday, Oct. 3, I went to view the Thrift Shop Fashion Show. This fashion show, put on by the Diversity Awareness Programming Board, was meant to showcase the fact that good outfit pieces and even entire ensembles can be found with some good searching at Good Will and other thrift stores.

The fashion show started out with a presentation about four things to keep in mind when going to a thrift shop, or when shopping in general. One point was that you should go into a store with what you want to purchase already in mind. Don’t go into a store with a blank slate or you will end up meandering around for hours on end without anything to show for it.

They also talked about how you should keep an open mind when shopping at thrift stores and check every section. You never know what you may find while looking around, and you might even find something that you didn’t expect while perusing the shelves and racks. If you are only willing to look for one thing then how can you hope to expand your wardrobe? With this in mind however, buy only pieces that you love and would be willing to wear on a regular basis. If you don’t love it in the store then you won’t love it when it is hanging in your closet. Be willing to wait to find the perfect pieces, as most thrift stores cycle through items on a regular basis, with new pieces coming in regularly. Going often will increase your chances of finding items that you want to buy, and give you a chance to see a variety of different items that you may not even know about.

The actual fashion show featured two sections, casual wear and business attire. Seven female models and three male models graced the runway with skirts, jeans, slacks, blazers, dresses, jewelry, and vests that they had purchased at the Good Will located near Radford University. The models were able to strut their stuff and pose for the cameras in a fun environment, with a DJ playing awesome music. Pictures can be seen on DAP’s Instagram page @rudap_ and can be followed on their twitter page @RU_DAP.

All in all, the DAP’s Fashion Show was a very interesting and fun experience. Not only did I get a great dose of fashion and style, but I was also able to learn a lot about shopping at thrift stores and how it can help you look great and fix that hole that seems to be in your wallet whenever you go shopping. The fashion show was a great way for friends to get together and have fun, as well as a chance for some aspiring models to strut their stuff in a different environment. So next time you go shopping, don’t be afraid to shop around and do some digging, you just might be able to get an outfit that gives you more bang for your buck.

-Ellie Hawthorne

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