A Critique on Radford University: Vending Machines, Dorms, Parking, Oh My

3 min read I came to Radford University as a transfer student Now that I’m getting ready to graduate, I would like to share my thoughts and Critique’s on this place.


By Emily Sargent | esargent@radford.edu

I came to Radford University as a transfer student in the fall of 2016. Now that I have been here for a while and getting ready to graduate, I would like to share my thoughts on this place.

Let’s start with the advantages.

The campus is a perfect size. It does not take as long to get places compared to other campuses. The farthest walk on campus for me is about 10 minutes, which can be somewhat of a relief if you are in a hurry. On the other hand, the buildings are close to one another, making them easy to find once you know your way around.

The professors are very helpful and skilled in their fields. Most of the professors I have worked with are experts and are willing to help their students succeed. They can tell when you are working hard and putting effort into your work. They often make classes engaging by playing videos and having students do in-class activities.

There are also tons of ways for students to get involved on campus.

The Center for Social and Cultural research located at Radford University

Joining Greek life, sports teams or student media are just a few ways to make your college years more memorable. There are also a variety of clubs that allow you to explore new and current interests. With so many options available, you are sure to find something that suits you.

Another one of my favorite things about Radford is its small class sizes. I often feel invisible in larger classes and don’t participate as much. Large crowds can be intimidating for introverts like myself who prefer just to sit and listen. Small classes of 20 students or fewer allow more opportunities for interaction and forming connections.

While Radford has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages.

One disadvantage is noise, especially in the dorms. When I lived in the dorms, the people on my floor were very loud. They were always yelling, blasting music and slamming doors. Being surrounded by all this activity makes it hard to study and relax. Most residents seem to be unaware that residence halls have quiet hours and then violate them.

Another disadvantage of Radford is the parking situation. Most of the parking spots are for faculty and staff, leaving only a few for students.

This means that students must park off campus, which can be very inconvenient. Students living on campus cannot easily access their cars and have to walk great lengths to get to them. There should be more parking spots for students so they can have an easier time getting around Radford.

One more disadvantage of Radford is the vending machines. Some of them contain expired food and drinks, and the touchpad is difficult to use. Also, whenever I use them, I have to pay with cash because some don’t take my RU express card. If they were maintained more often, these things would not happen.

The vending machines should always be stocked with fresh products, and expired products should be thrown away. The school should also look into fixing the card slot so that more payment options are available.

Radford University is a great school, and I cannot imagine going anywhere else. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, which are just minor inconveniences. We all have to deal with things that bother us.

I have made many memories here and will look back on them for years to come.

Photo Credit: (Lindsay Caldwell | The Tartan; Chad Boxley | The Tartan; Brian Angus | The Tartan)