A Carnival Craze

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This Friday , there was an “Up All Night “ event that was run by R-space.  This group is behind many events that are held at Radford University, including creative activities that occur at the Bonnie, such as Zen Garden tutorials and Tie Dye activities. The group has said that it strives to create healthy alternatives for students to participate in so that they can have fun, make new friends, and even enjoy new experiences that they might not otherwise try at home. The event planned for Sept. 20 was from 8 p.m. to midnight  and was prepared to go on through rain or shine. There was even  a backup plan to move everything into the Bonnie just in case the weather went south. Luckily the skies remained clean and clear, leaving a great event to be experienced on a good night for everyone involved.

This R-space event, which was carnival themed in R-space’s “up all night” program, was a myriad of different activities, all of which held a distinctly festive theme.  A DJ blasted music over the group as people milled around, checking out the different attractions and activities that they can participate in. A photo booth provided entertainment for some, and a keepsake for others of a fun night spent with friends. Others may have preferred to spend time playing on the inflatable slide, maybe bringing back nostalgic memories while also creating new ones. However, others may have been drawn into the evening’s festivities by participating in more competitive activities, such as the pie toss, ring toss, and ball toss. These activities were a way to compete against yourself in a game of skill, or others in a friendly competition.

Students also enjoyed being able to chat with friends while enjoying popcorn and cotton candy outside of the bonnie, which happened to be free. The atmosphere around was light and enjoyable, students enjoyed being able to relax after a long weeks work, relishing the thoughts of an exciting weekend ahead. The weather helped to add to the air of countless possibilities. Students conversed about ideas of how this weekend could be spent, and all of the possibilities that could lie ahead. While chatting, students could also participate in a new version of “Duck, Duck, Goose,” which has been alternately named “Duck, Duck, Truth”.

All in all, this weekend’s activities were livened up by a fun carnival themed event which people seemed to really enjoy, harkening back to good memories had in the past and new ones that were created with good friends.  Through all of the hustle and bustle of the so called “party scene” at Radford, R-space has been able to create a little oasis for students to have fun in a new healthy way, even if it was only for a few hours. R-space has a reputation of creating fun and enjoyable activities for the students of Radford University, and it met expectations at this event. I can only wait with anticipation to see what R-space plans for its next activity, since it is bound to be a blast.


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