“Tangled” is not just another princess movie

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“Tangled” will keep Disney lovers amused and laughing at all the outrageous scenes that Rapunzel and Flynn get themselves into. (imdb.com)

Laura Enderson

Disney’s re-telling of “Rapunzel” is nothing short of Disney’s continued excellence. “Tangled” mixes comical situations and characters with the power of love. It may seem like just another princess movie, but in reality, “Tangled” is close to epic.

It is the typical princess movie from the Brothers Grimm. Mother Gothel, voiced by Donna Murphy, locks Princess Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore, in a tower for her ‘safety.’

The one thing Rapunzel wants to do is to go outside of the tower to see the floating lights that appear on her birthday. But little does Rapunzel know, the lights are actually in her memory.

She was kidnapped as a baby and the crazy old lady that locked her up in the tower keeps her there because of Rapunzel’s magical hair that is like a fountain of youth. So when Rapunzel asks to go outside, Mother Gothel freaks out and sings a comic but punchy song called “Mother Knows Best.”

After the big affair of how Rapunzel is too naïve to go outside her tower, feisty Rapunzel decides to prove her mother wrong. She asks her mother to get her a special gift for her birthday that takes her mother a few days to go and get and Rapunzel sneaks out of the tower by using her hair as a rope.

But before Rapunzel gets free, thief Flynn Ryder, voiced by Zachary Levi, climbs her tower while running away from a determined white horse. Rapunzel then ties him up and she only frees him because he agrees to take her to the lights.

On the way to the lights, Flynn keeps stealing expensive items like Rapunzel’s crown, and Rapunzel remains naïve and is nice to everyone, even those that could harm her. Rapunzel and Flynn run into about every situation that could happen along the way. Maximus is still determined to find Flynn and turn him in for stealing and when Mother Gothel notices that Rapunzel is missing, she starts following after them, too.

In the end, Rapunzel has to choose whom to trust while discovering who she really is and what she believes in.

Sassy Rapunzel will keep you hooked. It may be just a ‘typical princess movie,’ but Rapunzel is not one for waiting on her prince to fix her life for her. She represents the driven, but shy character that decides she wants to do something, and although she has help, could have done it on her own. Rapunzel may be naïve, but she is not hopeless.