5 Tips to Help You Prepare for the 2019 Spring Semester at Radford University

3 min read As the fall semester ends, here are a few tips to to prepare over winter break to make the spring semester the best it could be.


By Caitlyn Stultz | cstultz4@radford.edu

As the fall semester ends, many college students are evaluating everything they did this semester, the good and the bad.

A new semester means a fresh start, and there are many ways to prepare over winter break to make the spring semester the best it could be. Here are a few tips to start the semester off right:

1. Start a new planner

Planners are a great way to stay organized and keep up with every assignment. Without them, it’s quite easy to forget to do an assignment. Making a planner more personalized with stickers and different colored pens can make the process more fun, encouraging anyone to keep up with it. Planners can also be digital through the use of apps.

2. Set new goals

Students could also make some goals for the spring semester. These goals can be grades to reach for, joining new clubs, volunteering, or just anything that can be accomplished within the semester.

Additionally, reevaluate or even set new long-term goals. These goals can include things to accomplish for the rest of their time at college, directly after college, and beyond. Having specific goals will help students stay on track, and knowing what they need to accomplish for these goals is also essential.

Writing these goals in a journal or just on a piece of paper can also make the process even more comfortable.

3. Take some time to relax over break

Many people make their breaks not much of a “break” with all the responsibilities they have to do. Keeping up with responsibilities like work or even a Wintermester class is important, but it’s also important to take time to relax in between fall and spring semester.

Students should some time to hang out with friends or family. Also, everyone should be doing something they enjoy over break for at least part of it. For example, continuing or starting a hobby is an excellent way to detox from a stressful semester.

4. Maintain a sleep schedule

At the beginning of break, it’s okay to stay up late to talk to friends and sleep in because there are no classes. Nearing the end of the break, everyone should practice getting up the time they will need to when the spring semester begins.

This ensures a fresh mind to start the semester, instead of a tired zombie mind.

5. Learn more about the university.

At any point of a student’s college career, even if they’re in their fifth year, no one knows everything about their school.

Visit the university website to learn more about the history, the staff, and so much more. This will connect a student to their school even more. Also, everyone should learn more about the programs their university offers to help students. For example, many Radford students don’t have much information about the Writing Center, which can help anyone struggling with a paper.

Lastly, everyone should look into the clubs and other extracurricular activities the school has to offer and how to join them. This can be done through the university website, RUInvolved, or exploring on different social media platforms, which are often used to reach students.

Most students are looking forward to the winter break. While having fun over the much-needed rest, students should keep these tips in mind in order to do their best in the spring semester.