5 Activities To Pass Time in Quarantine

Quarantine gets boring quick. This list will help you find ways to pass time while contributing to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Children at Window

Photo Credit: (Kelly Sikkema) The quarantine blues get to the best of us.

Breanna Bell | bbell20@radford.edu

Quarantine blues are real, so we compiled a list of activities to help you beat them. It is in your best interest to quarantine to slow the spread of COVID-19, but making sure you find ways to fill your time will keep you from going on Amazon Prime.

1# Paint

For all of you artists trapped inside, painting might be a cool new hobby for you. 

Doing this can be a great way to relieve stress and get into your creative flow. It’s a well-known art form that can help people express themselves while creating something in the process.

You might find you are great at it and acquire a newfound talent to add to your resume. Regardless of whether you are enjoying the pandemic or not, some quarantine art could help you and maybe become a part of history.  

Photo Credit: (Alice Dietrich) Painting can help you relax, just don’t mind the mess.

2# Start a Blog

Everyone has their ideas about various topics, and if you want to share your thoughts, then a blog might be for you. 

You might find writing to be therapeutic and help pass the time. Blogs can help because it connects you with people who share your interests.

Even if your viewers don’t share your beliefs, their disagreement could produce an entertaining conversation. If your blog gets enough attention, it could become an income source or a career.

3# Board Games / Card Games

Pre-COVID-19, board games were great at parties, get-togethers, or any occasion if you were willing to play. 

Even though our groups are smaller now, it is still fun for everyone involved, that is until someone starts losing horribly. If you don’t want to be that sore loser, I would suggest brushing up on board game skills and strategies. 

Card games are also a great choice. Friends, family, roommates, or whoever happens to be in your place of quarantine can be a great competition. Word of caution: a simple game of Uno or Monopoly can ruin relationships.

Photo Credit: (Michał Parzuchowski) Playing games inside with the people you are isolated with can help fill your time.

4# Online Shopping

We all love getting new things. With thousands of websites selling items and delivering it to you in little to no time, it is hard not to shop. 

Now, if you like acquiring new things like clothes, gadgets, and trinkets, and can afford it, then online shopping will be your best friend during quarantine. 

Amazon itself has a vast array of items for sale with Prime 2-day shipping if you are a member. However, there are much smaller companies that could use the love and support as well.

5# Create a Playlist 

It is safe to say everyone enjoys some form of music, and with quarantine getting us all down, music can help. 

You can create a playlist for different genres, occasions, moods, days, and even people. With major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Pandora, its never been easier. 

You can create your ultimate playlist and update it every time you discover a new bop. If you think you have great taste in music, you can even share your playlist with the public.

Photo Credit: (Eric Nopanen) kick back and listen to your favorite bops.

The quarantine has been rough on all of us. These are just a few of the hundreds of things you can do to kill time.