Tabb and Reskoska patrol the paint for RU

Ema Reskoska has stepped up to become a major piece coming off the bench for RU in 2012.

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Taylor Newman

Ema Reskoska has stepped up to become a major piece coming off the bench for RU in 2012.

Ema Reskoska is a current junior at Radford University. At six feet four inches tall, she has a bright smile, a mellow nature, and yet is a competitive basketball vulture on the inside. Sarah Tabb, also a junior, standing just over six feet tall, is extremely passionate about basketball. Both players patrol the inside of the paint for RU Women’s Basketball, and stand tall to defend the basket.
Playing on a team composed of six juniors, two sophomores and three freshmen, both players have learned to take on a leadership role in 2012.
“We kind of have to be leaders because we’ve been through it all,” said Tabb. “We’ve been through the injuries, blood, sweat and tears.”
With an improving overall season record in the three years Reskoska and Tabb have been on the team, they are both hoping for what every athlete dreams of winning a conference championship, and then moving onto the NCAA tournament.
In 2010, the Highs record was a paltry 6-22, in 2011 it improved to 14-16, and this year the Highs stand at 10-10 with nine more games left in the season.
“We plan on being in the Big South tournament,” Tabb said. “We plan on winning the tournament, and then preparing for next season.”
In terms of overall team camaraderie, Reskoska mentioned that the team is like a family.
“It doesn’t matter if you play five minutes, 30 minutes or one minute, everyone cheers each other on,” Reskoska said.
Although Reskoska and Tabb are proud to represent Radford University, it hasn’t always been easy.
“You have practice, you have to go practice. You have class and you have to go class. There is no slacking off when it comes to being a student athlete,” said Reskoska.
Tabb humorously hinted at the idea of being easily pinned as an athlete on campus.
“Everyone can always tell I’m an athlete because I walk around in my sweat suit, and I am the only girl here over six feet tall,” she said.
Both Reskoska and Tabb are enthused with the idea of continuously improving on the court. They are excited to see all of their hard work in practice paying off in the basketball games. For Tabb, putting in the extra work in the weight room has helped her to improve her moves in the post.
With another month left of competitive conference play, the Highs look to make a strong run against the conference. When asked which team they’d like to beat, both women said “Liberty!” However, they did mention they’d like to beat every team.
RU will look for the win in their next game  against High Point on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.